About Pretty Writing Evette Goldstein

About Pretty Writing Evette Goldstein

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Calligraphy makes a beautiful statement. A lovely handwritten invitation is a thing of beauty. To find out more about wedding calligraphy I met with pretty writing expert Evette Goldstein.

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From Engineering to Calligraphy


Evette is an expert in many things. Her past life was spent as an aerospace and telecommunications engineer. When the market changed and jobs were scarce Evette made the leap into her lifelong passion, calligraphy.

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Beginning Pretty Writing


With the encouragement of her loving husband, Evette started Pretty Writing. She is celebrating her 17th year as a professional calligrapher. Evette loves to create things beautifully. From traditional to contemporary, simple to ornate, Evette can create it for you.

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Awards for Pretty Writing


Many awards line Evette’s wall. From articles in the castle rock news, to wedding industry experts’ awards, Evette’s handwriting makes news. Notable magazines feature her work on real weddings. She has a commendation from Colorado congress for her work writing the names and the banner on the matt for the photographers for the members of the Colorado Representatives and Senate.

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Words for all languages


Evette is confident writing in virtually any language. She can pen fluently in all the languages of the roman alphabet, Russian, & Hebrew. She has addressed envelopes in English, Spanish, French & German. Additionally, she can write artistic quotes in Japanese and Chinese from samples.

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Script to fit you


When Evette works with a client, she likes it to be a personal experience. She asks a battery of questions to fit the penmanship to the person. Tell me about your personal style. Do you like Modern, do you like Classic, do you like Elaborate, do you like Fun and Funky? Tell me a little bit about what you like? From there Evette laser targets the style of writing to fit the person.

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Proof the pen is mightier


Have you ever heard the saying “the pen is mightier than the sword?” Evette did a demonstration of three different ways to write love. Each way elicited a different emotion when viewed. She therefore proved that the pen is mightier than the sword.

Contact Evette

Would you like to know more about Evette Goldstein? You can contact her at www.PrettyWriting.com

303 814-2869

Meticulously preserving the art of calligraphy one envelope at a time.


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