Steampunk Fairy Fantasy Wedding Dance

Steampunk Fairy Fantasy Wedding Dance
steampunk groom Fairy Bride

Many couples are opting for custom themed weddings, and wedding dances. One of my recent wedding dance couples, Gus and Sierra did just that. They had a custom steampunk fairy fantasy themed wedding, and I had the privilege of choreographing their fantasy wedding dance mashup.

Outdoor Fantasy Wedding

steampunk fairy fantsy wedding

Gus and Sierra opted for an outdoor wedding along the banks of the Boulder Creek. Officiating with an Irish accent was a forest faun. The best man was a dressed as a pirate, and Viking garb adorned the father of the bride. The Groom donned a steampunk tailcoat with a leather waist cincher and top hat with googles and gears. Drifting down the aisle the bride wore a white medieval dress and delicate wings spread behind her. The enchanting couple did a Celtic Knot tying ceremony by the Boulder creek.

Wedding vows

Steampunk Fairy vows

Sierra wrote her own vows, and Gus said “ditto”. Sierra wrote, “When I was 11, I was told to wright down all the traits that I wanted in a partner and number them. I remember that the number one thing I wrote down was I wanted someone to understand me. Someone who understands my weirdness, my weaknesses, my family dynamics, and understands my soul. Of course, I was convinced that a man like this didn’t exist. I was sure that I had to settle for whatever I ended up with.

One day we went on a hike and we found ourselves alone and my eyes were opened for the first time. You were someone who would leave the world behind to keep up with me, someone who I trust to adventure with, someone I could trust my life with. As my feelings for you grew, I had to tread lightly, scared that I would mess everything up or even worse, lose you. So, I kept the fences up as I prepared to go to Florida, but you were able to barge though. Before I knew it, I was talking to you every day I was turning down dates, and I was thinking about you. Craving for your presence, your smile, laugh and voice. Before I knew it, I had fallen for you and thank God you had fallen for me too.

Vows part 2

Fantasy kiss the bride

When I came back everything fell into place. We easily made a life with each other, everything falling into place. I still tried to take things slow, but I couldn’t stay away from my other half. I thank God every day for giving me you. You’re my stability, you are my heart, my sanity, and so much more.

There for I give everything to you as I become your life partner, to battle to challenges of life with you, to hold you up when needed, to push you on, to help you anyway I can. I promise to build with you, laugh with you, cry with you and be with you until the end of time. I don’t want anyone else, anything else than a life with you by my side. As this knot is tied, so is my soul tied to you. In front of God and in front of my loved ones I declare that I love you, and I will always be yours.”

Fabulous Dinner
steampunk fairy fantasy wedding party

Following the ceremony guests were invited inside the Boulder Wedgwood (link) to dine on delicacies. Guests were treated to a prime rib dinner and an assortment of salads. For dessert a delicious red velvet cake decorated in 3d steampunk gears.


Fantasy wedding dance mashup
steampunk first dance

Following the wedding the fantasy continued inside. After dinner Sierra made a quick change into a reception dress for her wedding dance mashup. The happy couple spent 5 months perfecting their dance segue. They began with a rhythm dance to steampunk giraffe honeybee. The music then transitioned into the Dean Marin version of Sway. They sashayed across the floor with romantic rumba moves. The music climaxed with the upbeat tune “Say Hey.” The happy couple kicked up their heals with a rousing samba spinning into a romantic dip to end. It was a smash hit with their guests.

steampunk dip and kiss

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