Why Compete in Ballroom Dance?

Why Compete in Ballroom Dance?

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Why compete? What are the benefits of competition dancing? Isn’t it just too much stress? These are the most common questions I hear from dancers. I am going to answer these and more.

Why Compete?

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Most students ask me why I would participate in a competition. Melvin Marcusson put it best. He competes so he would not forget what he knows. Even at 90 Melvin knows the value of getting on the competition dance floor is in developing good dance habits. Then Mel dances with ease at parties without the stress of trying to recall what he knows.

What are the benefits of competing?

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The benefits of competing are great. For Robyn and William, it is pushing them to the next level. They have spent years dancing against themselves. They improved, but at a much slower rate than once we took them out of state. Once they were in a crowd of their peers, they had to work harder, and it accelerated their learning and retention. Anyone can take lessons, but without goals progress is very slow. Competition accelerates the learning process.

Isn’t it too much stress?

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Yes, getting ready for the Denver Dancesport Jam was stressful. Jessica and Shayao both worked on many new aspects. They got new dresses, new routines, and new techniques. Both ladies were rewarded with winning their Latin scholarships, so they came home richer in experience from the competition. The benefits outweighed the stress of getting ready. A little stress produced great things for both ladies.

Support local

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As much as I like to travel, there is nothing better than supporting local competitions with my students. Your friends and family can root for you at a local event. Shayao, Jessica, and Robyn all brought guests to see them dance. You get a chance to see your local professionals perform. Adventures in Dance was proud to perform the Nutcracker and the four Victorian dances for the professional show. The best part of local was that at the end of the night, I could go home to my own bed.

Denver Dance Jam Results.

Denver Dance Jam william robyn dip

We are proud of everyone. Mel, Shayao, and Jessica placed first in all their dances and scholarships. William beat Robyn in Latin, and Robyn beat William in open Standard. Craig was a winning Nutcracker, and Holly was tied up as the sugar plum Fairy. It was a great event. Mark your calendar and support the next local competition.

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