7 Ballroom Don’ts

7 Ballroom Don’ts
How Not to Dance on the Wild World of Ballroom
Wild world of ballroom dont and dos craig

Welcome to the wild world of ballroom. We have gone on safari to study the wild Bill in his natural ballroom habitat. While on safari we will learn the latest in ballroom don’ts.

In studying the wild Bill, we discovered 7 ballroom don’ts. These are some of the most entertaining fixes Bill discovered while working on his competition dancing over the years. Each don’t is a common mistake that any new dancer may get trapped doing.

7 ballroom don’ts

  • Hair flip
  • Attack hair
  • Tongue out
  • Snapping
  • Ditching partner
  • Block your partner
  • Ignore partner


Hair can be a distraction. If it is too long you may find your self distracted by it flopping in your face or whipping your partner. Whether you are social dancing or in competition messing with your hair while dancing is a distraction we can do without. Do what it takes to secure your hair, so it does not interfere with your dancing.


When dancing school your face. When concentrating dancers are often tempted to stick their tongue out. Tongues are best left in your mouth. Then grace your lips with a smile to keep your dancing light.

Entering & Exiting the Dance floor

Be courteous of your partner when entering and exiting the dance floor. Gentlemen escort your partner on the floor. Do not stomp onto the floor then snap and point where you would like your partner to stand. Gently escort her onto the dance floor and invite her to join you dancing.

When the dance is over, escort your partner off the floor. Do not ditch her in the middle of the floor. Offer her your arm and escort her back to her seat.

wild world of ballroom in their natural habitat
Pay attention to your partner

When you are dancing pay attention to your partner. Grandstanding, or focusing on anything other than your partner is less that beautiful. The gentlemen’s role it to be the stem that show off the lady as a beautiful blossom. He is not the picture but the frame and should use his arms and position to show her off.

Look at your partner. Do not ignore the one you are with to survey the room for your next partner. Save that for the end of the song. Look at your partner while dancing with her (or him).

Use your power for good

After discovering the distractions of dancing with a wild ballroom Bill, there are 4 ballroom Do’s. First, secure your hair. Do wear a smile. Remember to Escort your partner on and off the floor. Do pay attention to your partner. Use your power for good as you trip the light fantastic with your favorite dance partner.

Wild world of ballroom donts

4 Ballroom Do’s

  • Secure your hair.
  • Do wear a smile.
  • Escort your partner on and off the floor.
  • Pay attention to your partner.


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