Dancing Whimsy

Dancing Whimsy

nutcraker cast

For the past two years I have been privileged to dance at Whimsy Con, Denver’s finest Steampunk and costuming convention. It is a grand experience to see so many artistic individuals get together and share their experiences with one another.

clara and vixens

Dancing at Whimsy ConClara snow flowers tardis

This year we presented two different types of dance. The first was a dance lesson on Waltzing through time. The second was the presentation of the Nutcracker and the four Victorian dances. And the last were some fun social English country dances.


Waltzing at Whimsy Conwaltz lesson 2


Waltzing Through Time was a hit this year. I taught a fun interactive dance class on the most popular Victorian dance, the Waltz (link). Dancers learned about the ancient origins of the Waltz in the German Laendler (link) and how it became the box step (link).  we are familiar with in 1834. Everyone had a great time learning to Waltz.


Nutcracker Whimsy
flowers on stage whimsy con

After the costume contest the staff and students from Adventures in dance presented the Nutcracker and the four Victorian dances (link). History and dance were blended into the story of the Nutcracker. Characters from the four realms demonstrated historically accurate Victorian dances. Dances included the Grand March (link), the Galop (link), the Victorian Two step (link)., and four kinds of Victorian Waltz (French Pirouette Waltz  (link)., Spanish Waltz  (link)., New Waltz, Diagonal Waltz).

Victorian Princess Dances

Following the Nutcracker, dancers joined with the audience in dance. Historically accurate princess dances (link). were shared with the audience. Dances included the Grand March, Korobushka, French Country Dance, and Strip the Willow (link). Everyone had a grand time experiencing dances from the past.

Dancing at Whimsy Con was a real delight. I look forward to sharing more past and present dances with creative con goers next year. Until we meet again, dance with happy feet.

Dancers from Adventures in Dance

  • Sugar Plum Fairy- Holly Collins-Tomazin
  • Dandy Prince/Fritz- William Hooker
    Sweets Sugar plum and dandy
  • Nutcracker – Craig Tomazin
  • Clara – Robyn Collins
    clara and nutcracker
  • Snow Regent- John Inzina
  • Snow Queen- Jessica Virgo
    snow regents John and jessica
  • Flower Regent- Noah Wells- Alirez
  • Flower Queen- Leah Kern
    Flower Regnts Noah Leah

nutcracker cast edit

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