5 Wedding Ceremony Tips for Non-Ministers

5 Wedding Ceremony Tips for Non-Ministers
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5 Wedding Ceremony Tips for Non-Ministers

Weddings are a great opportunity to gather friends and family. When you include friends and family in participating in your big day it’s a great personalization. Rev. Kim Tavendale gave me her 5 wedding ceremony tips for friends and family.

It is popular to ask friends or family to perform your wedding ceremony. This is a great opportunity to include someone special to participate in your wedding. Having said that, there are 5 points to consider when you have friends or family officiate your wedding ceremony.

Treat your wedding with the reverence

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When choosing who to ask to perform your ceremony, choose someone who will treat your ceremony with respect and reverence. Your wedding is a big commitment legally and emotionally. Choose someone who you know will do a good job and will respect you and your ceremony.

Comfortable with public speaking

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Public speaking is the #1 fear, even if it’s irrational. The last thing you want is for your officiant to get cold feet and refuse to perform your ceremony on the day of your wedding. Be sure your selection is comfortable speaking in front of a group. Especially in front of people they will see again. There’s nothing worse than messing up in front of a group of people who are going to heckle you about it for the rest of your life.

Knows the ceremony length

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Your entire wedding day timeline is built around the length of the ceremony. Communicate with your wedding planner/coordinator on what length ceremony you desire. If you and the planner have allotted 30 mins for the ceremony and your friend or family member only comes up with 5 minutes, you’re left with dead time. This is a bad move and, it also works in the opposite way. If your officiant goes long, then the whole timeline then gets left in the dust. Be conscientious to fill the ceremony time with the events important to you.

Learn the legalities

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Knowing the law regarding officiating a wedding is important to the validity of your vows. Colorado requires your officiant to be a member of the clergy. Be sure your friend or family knows they will have to jump online to register as an ordained minister. Know the legal requirements for the ceremony and what parts you must have in the ceremony and what parts are up for negotiation or interpretation. Then find out how to fill out the marriage license correctly the first time.

Get officiant coaching

Now that you have chosen the perfect person, some good advice is in order. Professional officiants will happily help you prepare a ceremony. They will give tips on how to perform the ceremony. Tips on the best practices and how everything goes together will help you succeed,  Coaching is a worthwhile investment so that your friend or family member has the best tools to make a memorable ceremony for you.

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5 Wedding ceremony tips for non-ministers

  1. Treat your wedding with the reverence
  2. Comfortable with public speaking
  3. Knows the ceremony Length
  4. Learn the legalities
  5. Get officiant coaching

Thank you to Reverend Kim Tavendale (blog) for her tips. If you want to contact her, you can find Reverend Kim Tavendale Ordained Minister and wedding Celebrant Cell-561-306-4382 Office- 720-432-1650 Email- kim@reverendkimtavendale.com http://www.reverendkimtavendale.com/

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