Real Destination Wedding Dance

Real Destination Wedding Dance
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Real Destination Wedding dance

When John Sheflin and Kari Wimmer decided to tie the knot, they wanted it to be something special. Their dream was a destination wedding on a beach in Mexico. Warmed by the glow of the tropical sun on a beach this romantic couple dreamt of having a hot first dance.
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Search for a dance studio

Kari & John began their search for a studio to learn their dream dance. They checked out a couple of other wedding dance studios before settling on Adventures in dance to design their dream dance. The happy couple came in with their song “You and I” but Eddie Rabbitt and Crystal Gail to learn to dance without stepping on one another.

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Picking the perfect dance

John and Kari fell in love with the foxy rhythm dance as the base pattern for their first dance. They spent six romantic hours wrapped in one another’s arms learning their first dance. After class they would go home and practice each sequence designed for their dance. From a flirtatious entrance to a big dip and kiss for their grand finale.

Prepared to party

Holly Collins-Tomazin worked to make sure this lovely couple was well rehearsed for their big day. When the music began, all their practice and hard work paid off. Their first dance rocked, and they learned how to use pieces to dance all night long.

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Real Destination Wedding Dance

Kari wrote this on the Knot. posted 04/23/2019 by Kari S “Great experience for two “non dancers!” We enjoyed our lessons with Holly who made our first dance at our destination wedding one to remember. She’s very good at explaining new concepts along with injecting some humor. We were excited for our first dance versus dreading it. Don’t hesitate to take lessons here!”

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