Top wedding tradition

Top wedding tradition
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Weddings are full of something old, and something new. Many wedding traditions are being re-imagined for today. Traditions like cutting the cake, or the bride being escorted down the aisle by her father are traditions most often kept. But what is the top wedding tradition that couples keep? The first dance!

According to a Wedding Wire survey 92% of couples choose to do a first dance. That makes the first dance the most important wedding tradition to keep.  Of the couples surveyed, one in four couples choose a country western song to dance to.

History of the first dance wedding tradition

Wedding dances can be traced to antiquity. The Kalamatianos (link) or Greek kerchief dance features in my big fat Greek wedding was one of the earliest wedding dances. Since then the first dance has been included at formal gatherings to respect the guest of honor. At a wedding the bride and groom are the guests of honor.

During the Victorian era, the Waltz (link) became the most popular dance to begin any ball. Disney capitalized on this tradition by giving many of his princesses’ waltzes. Just think of Sleeping beauty (link), Beauty and the Beast (link), and of course Cinderella (link). Today the first dance is the first embrace as man and wife in your public profession of your undying love for one another.

First Dance Types
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With the advent of social media, trends can catch on like wild fire. The traditional Waltz is still the most requested wedding dance. This time-honored tradition is an elegant choice. Next are Foxtrots (link), then in order Rumba (link), the Night club two step (link), and swing (link).

New wedding dance tradition

Can’t decide on only one dance? Mashups are a fun way to shake up a party. Many couples are opting to start with a slow song then cut midway into something upbeat with a change of song. Mashups are great, however they take twice as long as a single dance to learn (link). This is because you are learning more than one style of dance and need transitions from one song to the next. For those adventuresome souls, every moment is worth it.


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