Super Spring Dance Showcase

Super Spring Dance Showcase
mel super spring dance showcase warm up

Sunday April 28th students and staff gathered to strut their stuff at the spring dance showcase. Gentlemen dusted off their dress pants and vests. Ladies displayed a colorful assortment of dance dresses. Everyone had fun dressing up to show off their dance skills at the 2019 Adventures in Dance spring showcase.

Why dance at a showcase?
jim linda sheryl larry dance warm up

Nerves were rattled as everyone warmed up their routines. Without a goal, progress is not made. So, dancers at Adventures in Dance set their goals on memorizing and perfecting various dances for the spring dance showcase.

Dunbar’s dance
Jim holly linda spring showcase award

Jim and Linda Dunbar decided to floor their new foxtrot routine. It was a combination of a bronze international foxtrot and a silver American foxtrot. Robyn told me how impressed she was by their progress.

Gray’s Dance
Larry Sheryl Holly super spring showcase award

Mr. & Mrs. Gray decided to focus on their American smooth dances. They had two new routines in foxtrot and waltz from boot camps during the winter. Then Larry and Sheryl added in their tango and Viennese waltz. Larry did a great job remembering all four dances.

Rudolph Wassill Dance
Valerie kevin holly showcase award

Valerie Wassill and Kevin Rudolph decided to mix it up a bit. The danced the boot camp routines for the  American smooth waltz and foxtrot. Then they added a couple of new rhythm dances. They debuted their new Bolero and Samba routines.

Mel dance
Topsy turvy ta da

Melvin Marcusson did a mix of everything. He danced his silver American tango. Then he danced his previously performed Peabody solo. This was a fun variation to “Turning Turtle” with Holly dressed as Topsy Turvy from the Mary Poppins Returns.  To close Mel danced a beautiful bolero and his favorite samba. Not bad of a young man of 90.

Dinner Dance show
Latin Dancers Robyn William

Adventures in dance was proud to present the award-winning Latin and Smooth dances of William and Robyn. Before dinner they did their 3 dance Latin set of Rumba, Cha-cha, and Samba. Between each of their Latin dances Craig and Holly presented a Paso Doble and a Jive. After dinner William and Robyn presented the Waltz, Tango Foxtrot and Viennese waltz that they were second in the nation for.


Dinner was delightful. Jerri George from Upper Crust Catering designed a dinner to die for. She brought us Signature Storybook Spinach Salad with Strawberries, Feta Cheese, Sliced Almonds and Poppyseed Dressing, Sliced Sirloin Steak with Béarnaise and Chimichurri sauces, Sliced Potatoes Au Gratin, French Bread w/butter, & Signature Cheesecake Shooters. Everyone had more than they could eat. It was memorable evening.

Mel turning turltle topsy turvy

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