Winter Wedding First Dance

Winter Wedding First Dance

winter wedding first dance
Microbiology Scientist and Mechanical Engineer dance at their wedding
James Kimey Brooklyn first dance

Do you love Game of Thrones? Brooklyn Tensla and James Kimey are fans of Game of Thrones, so they picked the opening theme for their wedding dance. To make the most of their first dance, they began their lessons 9 months in advance of the wedding. The theme to Game of thrones is a dramatic Viennese waltz. So we customized historic dance pieces from the middle ages to fit their skills and theme. As they progressed James brought his mom in to work on the mother son dance as well. She had a delightful time learning to rhythm dance to “What a wonderful world.” It was not enough for this wonderful couple to have a dramatic first dance. They also worked on some swing so they could dance the night away at Bella Serra on December 15, 2018.


Vet and Web Designer Plan out an aw-inspiring first dance.

This is a Dedicated and Empowered couple if we have ever seen one. Jonathan Lipinski and Kristi Falk came to us wanting to learn how to dance to “Thinking out Loud” by Ed Sheeran. We put together a performance there audience will remember for years to come. They danced a Foxtrot on December 22nd 2019 and look forward to many years of happiness to come.


Event planner and Accountant Slide into their first dance 

On January 20th 2019 Ryan Gray and Katharine Brewer glided onto the dance floor for there first dance. Everyone at The Courtyard Denver Cherry creek was amazed to see how much they had worked on there dance. They started two months in advance of their wedding so they felt comfortable and confident for their first dance. Ryan and Katharine chose to dance a Brisk Box to “perfect” by Ed Sheeran.  They practiced long and hard and it all paid off.


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