Faeries Raise funds for school

Faeries Raise funds for school

Faery parade

Are you enchanted by faeries? I am. Yearly the festival of Faerie holds and event in downtown Lafayette. The faeries raise funds for school kids who are too poor for supplies. This year they picked the poorest school in their district to donate funds raised from a treasure hunt and tour through their fairyland.
fairy parade

Fun Faerie dancers

The festival was held in the festival square in Layette Co. The fairies joined me in learning a fairy ring dance before beginning the entrance march. At that point, last year’s faerie queen crowned this year’s queen the unicorn. Everyone joined in dancing a maltase branle. Then the queen retired to her tent as guests roamed the booths with faerie inspired wares. There was even a tea dueling tent for those who dared.
Faerie festival mercinaries and unicorn queen (2)

Fairy Ring Dance
Denver dane snow fairy unicorn green fairy (2)

I have had the opportunity to teach historically accurate princess dances to the fun festival goers. I donated my skills to engage young folk in dance. This year we did the horses branle (link) with unicorns. This was in honor of the Unicorn queen for this year.  Then we danced a ceili dance, the fairy ring, to open a doorway to the land of fey. Last we danced the washerwoman branle (link). We named it scold a fairy after Trixie the pixy who was caught and charged to a tickling for eating too much sugar.
Denver Dance snow fairy and Elf (2)

Faeries Raise funds
trixy capruted

The weather was wonderful with only a hint of rain. It is a privilege to have helped make the world a better place by sharing the enchantment of dance. Look for this benefit again next year.

Faery queen of past

Faery queen and friend

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