Wedding DJ DIY Tips

Wedding DJ DIY Tips
Wedding DJ DIY Tips do

Are you looking for the best do it yourself tips? I have been interviewing wedding experts to help you decide when it is best to DIY. Today I am looking at wedding DJ DIY tips. I interviewed Mark McDonald from Complete wedding Denver, Wendie Bass and Norie Hamilton wedding officiant. This dynamic group had some great tips on Wedding DJ DIY tips.

What does a DJ do?
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Disk jockeys are more than just a list of music. They act as the master of ceremony for your event. An experienced DJ will direct guest’s attention to significant events, like dismissing tables for dinner so grandma does not eat last and eliminating your guests standing in the buffet line. They announce cutting the cake, toasts, dances, and keep your flow going. When your event moves along smoothly, your guests remember it as a fun event.

Cost of just equipment

What about renting the equipment? It may be half the cost of your wedding DJ, but you still need to go pick the sound equipment up, set it up, tear it down, and return it. That is a large time commitment for your wedding. Not to mention someone familiar enough with sound equipment to run it for your wedding, and who knows what to do if something is not working right. Once you look at the cost of rental and setup, it may be more cost effective to hire a DJ in the first place.

Music Licensing


Music licensing can be strict. YouTube and Facebook have been cracking down on the use of unlicensed music. Professional DJ’s pay for the license to play music at your wedding. Spotify also provides licensing for playing in public. Do your due diligence and investigate the rules before providing music for a large gathering.

Wedding Sobriety
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Asking a friend or family member to be master of ceremony or DJ is an inexpensive option. Whoever you have DJ should refrain from drinking during your event. You don’t want an unfavorable impression because your master of ceremonies was drinking or under the influence of any drug. This leaves the wrong impression and can ruin your wedding. Decide if it is more important to have your DJ as a guest or working your event.

How many guests for DIY DJ?
compete colorado Rock Star

Size does matter when it comes to do it yourself. Repeatedly experts agree that weddings under 50 people are a great opportunity to do it yourself. Small venues and a small crowd are a great combination for DIY music.

Wedding DJ DIY tip list

  • DJ performs as master of ceremony keeping the reception flow moving
  • Renting Equipment allow extra time and expertise.
  • Be contentious of music licensing.
  • Sobriety is a must.
  • Events under 50 people can successfully DIY

Panel of Wedding Experts

Thank you to this wonderful panel of Experts. Need help? You can find contact information for each expert below.
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