Guffey’s Steampunk Parasol Duel & Dance

Guffey’s Steampunk Parasol Duel & Dance
rock paper scissors parasol dance

The little town of Guffey is in center of the mountains of Colorado. Buried in this historic mountain town is a group of committed steampunk enthusiasts. Guffey’s steampunk parasol duel & dance were a hit at their festival, July 27th this year.
Ladies of Guffey steampunk festival

Guffey Steampunk Society

The Guffey steampunk society began in October of 2016. They are committed to bring attention to the rich heritage of Guffey through steampunk related events. This Steampunk society was the first to bring parasol dueling invented by Madame Saffron Hemlock’s Parasol Dueling League for Steampunk Ladies to Colorado. I had the pleasure of seeing their parasol dueling demonstration in Elizabeth Colorado and wanted to learn more. Enthralled, I visited their second annual Guffey steampunk festival to join in the parasol duel.

parasol plant in the shade

Guffey’s Steampunk Parasol Duel & Dance

This year I had to return to Guffey for a steampunk parasol duel re-match. Armed with a new red parasol just for the event, I took off for Guffey. I was so excited that I put together a parasol dueling dance to rock, paper, scissors Katzenjammer for the event. Then I had the pleasure of sharing it with the dueling damsels In Guffey. We performed it on the big stage having the time of our lives.

Guffey group dance

Guffey Steampunk Festival

If you get a chance, be sure to stop into Guffey for “nanty narking”. With awesome antiques, a very friendly mayor and no bones against putting together eclectic art, it is an entertaining stop. Mark your calendar for the Guffey Steampunk Festival next year to experience “nanty narking” the 19th century tavern slang for “having a great time”.

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