Steampunk Page

Steampunk Page

Steampunk Page

What is steampunk? The dictionary defines steampunk as science fiction set with steam powered technology in historical settings. Think about vintage Victorian garb adorned with gears. I have had the pleasure of creating tutorials for steampunk gatherings. Find fun activities like parasol dueling, splendid teapot racing, and steampunk dances. Fun facts and activities to inspire your inner steampunk.

Steampunk Fun- 

  • Mad Hatter’s Tea Dueling How To Read More
  • Tarzan Jane Porter Victorian Parasol Flirtations, how to flirt in the Victorian era with a parasol– Learn More
    Steampunk Soiree Jane Porter

  • Parasol Dueling, from Madam Saffron Hemlock’s Steampunk Parasol Dueling League for Steampunk Ladies – Learn More
    Robyn Parasol duel Plant (2)

  • Splendid Steampunk Teapot Racer How To- Learn More
    Mini teapot racer and full sized teapot

Steampunk Dance

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