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Welcome to the Adventures in Dance Tango Page. After writing history for fun, I find I need a page just dedicated to tango. Below I will keep a listing of the latest articles and history of tango that I have found recently. Enjoy reading about all things Tango.

Tango Page History

  • 1856 earliest written description of the Tango Read More
  • Villain Dancing with Water Challenge with Captain Hook & Ursula– Learn More
    Valentino Apache Tango dance Hook Ursula
  • Hook-The Apache Tango with Princess Tiger Lily (1890) – (1904) Learn More
    Hook Tiger lily apache tango
  • International Tango– Read More
  • American Tango-
    The smooth Latin Ballroom Dance, danced to 4/4 time music, at 30-32 measures per minute or 120-128 beats per minute Learn More
  • Argentine Tango – Read More
  • Princess and the Frog Tiana’s French Tango How To Learn More

  • Timeline for the History of Tango –Read More 
    Littleton High school invited me to give a talk on the history of Tango inspiring this article.

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