5 Tips for Dance Lesson Success at Weddings

5 Tips for Dance Lesson Success at Weddings
5 tips for dance lesson success at weddings

Shabby chick ranch weddings can be so rustic. Country line dancing at the ranch wedding can be entertaining. I was asked to teach country dances at two weddings near Granby, CO this weekend and have 5 Tips for Dance Lesson Success at Weddings.



Dancing at C Lazy U Ranch

c lazy u ranch wedding

The first wedding was a rehearsal dinner on Friday at the C lazy U ranch in Granby. This romantic valley location was a lovely location for this destination wedding. After dinner guests were invited to kick up their heals as Holly taught a variety of country line dances. Mid way through they changed gears and learned how to dance the country two step. Then everyone got back up to mix and mingle with more line dances, then a rousing dance mixer where everyone got to dance with a variety of partners. Everyone had a great time learning to dance at the rehearsal dinner and were ready to party at the wedding the next day.

Dancing at Strawberry Creek Ranch Wedding

rustic wedding plow

The second wedding was at Strawberry Creek Ranch, on the high side of Granby. The bride and groom had polished a pretty wedding dance that they preformed before dinner. After the cake cutting guests were invited to get up for line dance lessons and dance mixers. Towards the end of the evening a country western two step couples dance was introduced, followed by more line dances to get the crowd moving. It was a beautiful wedding.

Keeping the party going

Country line dance feet

Keeping the party flow moving helps any event be a success. My experience teaching at various events is that flow is very important. Dance lessons can be a lovely accent when done well at an event. Here are my top tips for wedding dance success

5 Tips for Dance Lesson Success at Weddings

  • Set expectations-
    Let your guests know in advance there will be dance lessons in advance, so they are in the right frame of mind to learn.
  • Partner before dinner-
    Partnership dances take more focus to learn than line dances or mixers and require people to partner up. Partner dances before your dinner prepare your party to dance all night at your wedding.
  • Line dance after dinner-
    Simple line dances led by an energetic instructor can get everyone in the mood to dance.
  • Transition with Mixers-
    Using a dance mixer to introduce guests to one another before the general dancing kicks off encourages new connections. Often guests will only hang with people they know. A dance mixer allows guests to mix and mingle with people they may not have been introduced to before.
  • Short and sweet-
    Keep each lesson under 30 min. Your guests came to party, and dance lessons can wear your guests out if they last more than 30 min. Doing a 30 min partnership lessons before dinner and 30 min line dance after dinner creates a break so dancers can digest what they have learned and are ready and excited for the next thing.

Dancing at Ranch Weddings

Do not hesitate to add dance lessons to your ranch wedding. Weather you decide to take lessons with your wedding party in preparation for your wedding or hire a teacher to rock your dinner or reception, dance lessons can step up your party. Whatever your wedding theme is, Adventures in Dance has moves to fit your memorable moment.

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