Steam Powered Ballroom

Steam Powered Ballroom
steampunk stilt dance


Don’t you think Steampunk is a creative click? For the 1101 Experience the dancers at Adventures in Dance put together a steam powered ballroom show. Taking the creativity of ballroom dance and merging it with the steampunk came out great.


Tea dueling


Lady Vo, captain of the airship opal was our inspiration. Then Lady Vo led a lavish tea dueling where Chaos clashed with lady Jessica. Chaos lost and Lady Jessica moved up to the next level.


Parasol duels and Teapot races


Her Ladyship Holly, Captain of the Steam powered Ballroom led little miss and other young ladies in the polite art of parasol dueling. Rock, paper, scissors with a parasol is plenty of fun. Then they took three blind mice, the splendid teapot racer for a round with the teapot races.


Steampunk Anime Artist


Sir William provided character art at the adventures in dance booth. Squids and scurvy folk stopped in for a spell. William transformed them on paper into anime art characters. Truly amazing.


Steam powered ballroom show


Picking tunes from famous steampunk artists, the steam powered ballroom show was ready to roll. Grabbing his fighting trousers Sir Craig with lady Jessica danced a cha-cha to Professor Elemental. Slowing down for an emotional waltz Mistress Robyn and Sir William swept across the floor. Hot Havana nights led to a romantic rumba with Lady Jessica and Sir Craig. Tied up in a techno lovers tango Sir William and Mistress Robyn burned the floor. “Lady Marlene” fit Her Ladyship Holly and Sir Craig for a fast Viennese waltz.


Steampunk ballroom dance


“The shape of you” was a scintillating samba for Sir William and Mistress Robyn. Techno “Sing Sing Sing” with a little swing was a fast-paced quickstep and swing for Her Ladyship and Sir Craig. Without missing a beat Her Ladyship Holly traded partners for “her Majesty’s secret service” Paso doble, “Brass Goggles” is a steampunk favorite, and a perfect fit for a frisky foxtrot with lady Jessica and Sir Craig. To wrap things up, Mistress Robyn and Sir William stepped up to a jumping jive to the techno version of “in the Mood.”


Steampunk Swing lesson


After the show, it was time to get up and dance. Her Ladyship Holly guided guests in some single time swing assisted by Sir Craig. Dancers changed partners and got to meet one another. Stilts were not an obstacle to learning and the tallest man had the most fun.


Steam powered ballroom takes off


Putting together the steam powered ballroom was lots of fun. More steampunk adventures are looming on the horizon. Let us know if you would like to be dancers or stagehands in the next adventure of the steam powered ballroom.

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