Steampunk Wedding Dance at the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show

Steampunk Wedding Dance at the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show
steampunk wedding dance

Steampunk is the mixing of mechanical technology, like clockwork gears with Victorian style, like top hats and tails. Victorian elements with a contemporary twist are a fan favorite for Steampunk weddings. So, for the Rocky Mountain Bridal show the Adventures in Dance team put together a steampunk wedding dance show.

Steampunk wedding resources

Fall weddings can get creative. October is a great month for a steampunk inspired wedding. Online publications like Weddingomania ( link) the Ruffled blog ( link ) wedding photography ( link )  wedding forward ( link )  and Offbeat bride ( link )  have tons of tips on steampunk weddings.

Denver Steampunk Wedding

Holly taught a wedding dance mashup for a steampunk fairy wedding recently. Locals Gus & Sierra put together a first dance mashup to a great variety of steampunk hits. You can see the inspiration for their wedding here (link)

Steam Powered Ballroom Show



The steampunk wedding inspired the steam powered ballroom steampunk wedding dance show at the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show.  Dancers opened with a cheeky Cha-Cha to fighting trousers. The Victorian’s loved to Waltz. And a steampunk wedding wound not be complete without a Waltz, so Robyn and William danced a romantic waltz to “Return to the heart.” Hot “Havana” nights lead to a lovely slow and romantic Rumba. Craig & Holly danced a hot runway Rumba.

Steampunk Wedding Dance

What about the other Latin dance, the Tango? Electro ballroom’s “Lover’s Tango” was the perfect techno turn on a passionate dance. Songs of the sea are usually set in three. So, sea captain “Lady Marlene” was a perfect steampunk Viennese Waltz. Traveling to the tropics of Brazil, Robyn and William dances a scintillating Samba to “The Shape of You.”

Electro Swing at Show

Electro swing is a steampunk hit. So, Craig and Holly stepped back in time to the roaring 20’s for a Charleston, Quickstep, Swing dance mashup to “Sing, Sing, Sci-Fi Swing.” Channeling some 007 William and Robyn performed a Paso Doble to “In Her Majesty’s Secret Service.” Steampunk hit “Brass Goggles” by Steam powered Giraffe turned out to be a flirty Foxtrot for Craig & Holly.

Swing at the end

Saving the best for last, Robyn and William were ready to Jive. “In the Sci-Fi Mood” was the perfect Glenn Miller steampunk re-mix. Mixing Jive with a little West Coast Swing was a fabulous finish for the steam powered ballroom show at the Rocky mountain bridal show.

Highlight your wedding dance

Dancing can be the highlight of your reception. What are your favorite dances? Leave a comment and let us know what your dream dances are.

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