The Lurch Dance How To

The Lurch Dance How To:

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You Rang? Lurch is the iconic butler to the Addams Family. Among his many talents was dance, and in October 1965 Lurch was teaching the kids on the TV show “Shindig” how to Lurch dance to the song “The Lurch.”

About Lurch:

At 6 ft 9 in Lurch stands as a gloomy monster butler. According to Addams Family Fandom, Lurch was a descendant of the Frankenstein family of monsters. He was dug up by Morticia, and his heart is from an unnamed Addams Family member. With a heart that beats for the Addams, he is treated like one of the family.

The Lurch Dance:

In 1964 the 13th episode “Lurch learns to dance” Wednesday shows Lurch another dance ‘The Drew’, and Gomez jumps in with ‘The Freddie’. The next year on May 14, 1965 the Addams Family episode “Lurch, the teenage idol” aired. In it a record company records Lurch playing the harpsichord and grunting along. He becomes a pop sensation and all the attention goes to his head, creating a monster.

“The Lurch”

Following that episode Gary Paxton of Capitol Records wrote the “The Lurch” to be a Lurch inspired dance. Ted Cassidy stared as the lead singer and he introduced the dance and performed the song “The Lurch” on September 11, 1965, on the TV show “Shivaree!” He then did it again on “Shindig!” An ABC production aired the song and dance as a Halloween special on October 30th, 1965. Lurch was a star again, but it did not stick as a fad, just as a fun novelty.

The Lurch Dance How To:

In honor of the Addams family releasing, I put together a dance tutorial for “The Lurch.” It is a fun Halloween line dance with only one wall, so you do not need to concern yourself with turning. I will divide it into two sections based on the lyrics.

Lurch Dance section 1

The first half of the dance is step tap with your arms swinging across your body.

  • 1-Left foot side,
  • 2- Right foot taps next to left foot, swing left arm across toward right foot.
  • 3- Right foot side,
  • 4- Left foot taps next to right foot, swing right arm across toward left foot.

Repeat during these lyrics:

Lurch: (Gong) You Rang?
Singers: Hi, Lurch!
Lurch: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Singers: Hey, Lurch, we just heard the news around town
Lurch: Newwwwwwwws?
Singers: And we’re here to see what you’re putting down
Lurch: Ahhhhhhhhh ha-ha-ha!
Singers: We thought you might give us a chance
And teach us how to do the Lurch daaaance annnn-ance
Lurch: My pleasure
Singers: Hey, Lurch, teach us how to do the Lurch dance
Lurch: Your servant
Singers: Yeah, Lurch, we wanna learn to do the Lurch dance
Lurch: ……….Follow me

Second section Lurch dance

The second section is a grapevine left and right followed by two slow walks forward and back.

  • 1-4 Left foot side, right foot crosses behind left foot, left foot side, right foot taps next to left foot. Right arm scoops across in front.
  • 5-8 Right foot side left foot crosses behind right foot, right foot side, left foot taps next to right foot. Left arm scoops across in front.
  • 1,2, Left foot forward slow
  • 3,4 Right foot forward slow, right arm swings over and forward
  • 5,6 Left foot back slow
  • 7,8 right foot back slow swing right arm up and back

Repeat until the end of the song to these lyrics

Lurch: Yah ah ah ah ahhh -ah ah ah ahh. It’s a brand new bag! Yeah!
Lurch: Yah ah ah ah. Don’t just stand there! Lurch!
Lurch: Ah ah aha. Good. Now you got it!
Singers: Hey, Lurch, thanks a lot for turning us on!
Lurch: You’re welcome!
Singers: To a dance that we can do to any song.
Lurch: Any time!
Singers: Now everybody, c’mon and do it
It’s easy and there’s really nothing to it! oooooh
Lurch: Ah ah ah ah
Singers: Hey, Lurch, we’re really glad we learned to Lurch.
Lurch: To know it is to love it!
Singers: Hmm hmmm, we’re really glad we learned to Lurch.
Do the Lurch!
Lurch: Satisfaction, jubilation!
Singers: Hmm hmmm, we’re really glad we learned to Lurch.
Do the Lurch!




Thank you to everyone who helped to make this production happen. To Mile High Memorials for letting us use their mock graveyard. Remember them for your memorials 5612 S Nevada St, Littleton, CO 80120 (303) 794-3443. Our second photoshoot location was Reinke Bro. Costumes back alley. Best back alley in town. 5663 S Prince St, Littleton, CO 80120 (303) 795-5006.

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Thank you to Alex Blum for joining us to do a photoshoot. Your photos are an inspiration and I was privileged to use some of them in the video and the post. You can find Alex Blum at .

Addams Family Cast:
Addams family Alex blum

  • Lurch– Kevin Rudolph
  • Morticia– Holly Tomazin
  • Gomez– William Hooker
  • Uncle Fester– John Gerlick
  • Wednesday– Stephanie Burch
  • Pugsley– Jasper Burch
  • Camera– Craig Tomazin



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