Swing Dance Page

Swing Dance Page

Do you love swing dance? I do. I have created a page all about swing dance. I have the histories and stories about where swing has come from and what it looks like today. Check out the swing dance timeline as well.

Swing Dance Timeline

1910 Texas Tommy
The first recorded swing dance was the Texas tommy, which appeared in 1910 in a San Francisco publication. This was a short-lived dance, and quickly disappeared

1923 Charleston
In 1923 the song “Charleston” became a hit.  James Johnson would travel up to Harlem to dance at the Jungle Casino and was inspired by these dancers to write this famous tune.

1927 Lindy hop / Jitterbug
This swing’s first official day was in 1927 at the Savoy ballroom, when a dancer nicknamed “Shorty George” looked at the news stand, and declared that they were dancing the Lindy Hop (named for Lindbergh’s flight ‘hop’ to Paris). Lindy Hop came out of the black bottom, shag, and the Charleston, and was later re-named the Jitterbug.

1937 Jive
The international Jive is the European version of the jitterbug. It was brought to Europe in 1937 in advance of the war.

1940 Triple Time Swing
The American swing we do today was a simplification of the Lindy Hop and the foxtrot. It was developed by Arthur Murray in 1940’s to help the average student enjoy swing dancing

1947 West coast swing
The West Coast Swing is descended from the lindy hop. It was first noted as the, “Sophisticated Swing.” By 1947 Arthur Murray was sending his staff out to document all the varieties of swing. One of his staff on the west coast, Lauré Haile, documented the western swing. Her work was published in 1951 for the Arthur Murray studios

1950 Rock & Roll swing
Swing saw a revival in the late 1950’s-1960’s with the rise of rock and roll. American bandstand featured swing dancers dancing to tunes like Rock Around the Clock for raving fans.

1972 Hustle
The Hustle dance began in the Latin Harlem of New York around 1972 and quickly took over the Discotheques.

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