Bizarre Steampunk Wonders

On small business Saturday Airship Iron Opal’s Bizarre bizarre was held at the Best Western Hotel in Loveland Colorado. Bizarre steampunk wonders could be found with wonderous vendors and creative steampunk events. The admission was a gently used book to be donated to libraries who had been devastated by disaster and needed replenished.

Airship Iron Opal Bizarre Bizarre

Airship Iron Opal’s Bizarre bizarre opened with vendor displays. Artists and tinkers made their wares available for holiday purchase. You could find dragons, dice, books, and creations of all shapes and sizes. Adventures in Dance’s own William Hooker provided anime character art for a very reasonable price.

Tea Dueling

The morning tea duel was a delight. Captain Vonie of the Airship Iron Opal laid down the rules for the social tea duel. After the tea was poured, duelers chose their weapons of chessman shortbread cookies. The Airship captain directed them to dip their cookies into the tea for the count of three, then to hold them up until the last possible moment before they dissolved. She directed them to consume the cookie with a clean nom before it dissolved but after their opponent consumed theirs. This was truly entertaining.

Parasol Dueling

Later in the day there was another duel. Parasol dueling led by Holly Collins-Tomazin of the Steam powered Ballroom.  This is the ladylike form of rock, paper, scissors using a parasol. The positions become the plant (rock), the twirl (paper) and the snub (scissors). They began with the lightning rounds to get familiar with the rules. Then they progressed on to faking your opponent out with hitting the three positions for the count of 5. Last ladies over 18 participated in advanced parasol flirtations. It was very fun.

Steam powered Ballroom Show

Late in the afternoon the Steam powered ballroom from Adventures in dance took the floor. They presented a lain set of steampunk themed dances. They performed a Samba to “The Shape Of You,” Cha-cha to “Fighting Trousers”, Paso Doble to “In Her Majesty’s Service” a Rumba to “Havana” and closed with a Jive to “Sing, Sing Electro Swing.”

Electro Swing

After the show the team-taught guests how to dance the electro swing. This steampunk invention uses parts of the Charleston and popping. It was a blast, and everyone enjoyed dancing.

Come back next year

This was a delightful benefit and shopping experience. Mark your calendar to do some holiday shopping as you help others next year. We will look forward to doing this again.

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