Nutcracker Ball Showcase Dinner & Dance

The holidays bring out the best in everyone. So, the students at Adventures in dance brought out their best dance moves for the Nutcracker Ball showcase. From Waltz to swing, students had fun strutting their stuff.

Nutcracker Ball Waltz Set

After dancers warmed up their moves, guests took their seats for the opening set.  In a very Victorian manner, the first dance performed was a slow waltz. Couples included Larry & Sheryl Gray, Kevin Rudolph & Valerie Wassill, and Melvin Marcusson with Holly Tomazin. Melvin got to take his seat as the remaining couples then took a turn dancing a Viennese Waltz.

Nutcracker Ball Spanish set

The second set delved into Latin dance. The dance of the Spanish bullfighter, Paso Doble started the second set. Strutting their stuff were Shayao & Sabrina McFarland dancing with Craig Tomazin & William Hooker, and Melvin with Holly. Shayao & Sabrina remained on the floor for a Jumping Jive routine.

Swing Solo

Solo’s are a great way to work on your dance to your favorite songs. Craig Tomazin’ s new student Rhiannon Tran delighted the audience with her swing solo.  She rocked a red fringe dress with a lovely rose in her hair.

Nutcracker Ball Latin Set

The third set went south of the border. Sporting a cheeky Cha-cha Shayao & Craig performed opposite Sabrina & William. Melvin & Holly then joined them for a romantic Rumba to finish this set. 

Nutcracker Ball Samba Set

Everyone was enchanted with the Samba this year. All our couples took to the floor to demonstrate their hot Brazilian moves. Levels varied from bouncing Bronze to grand Gold moves. Everyone had a great time dancing together.

History of Samba Show

When the last award was given to gracious dancers, the staff took the floor. This year the show was the history of Samba. Starting with the Victorian era Maxie to the Samba as we know it today Adventures in Dance put on an entertaining show.


The afternoon was full of nutcracker themed appetizers. Clara’s ciders and teas, Nutcracker’s nuts & seeds, Mouse King’s cheese and crackers, and Sugar Plum Fairy’s fruits and sugar plums. With the last dance completed it was time to dine on delicacies. Dinner included Peppered beef with rice, a hearty minestrone soup with sausage, spinach salad with warm bacon dressing. For dessert we had a white chocolate and strawberry Christmas tree. No one left hungry.

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