Harry Potter Yule Ball Show

Witches and Wizards blew in from all over Colorado to attend the Harry Potter Yule Ball. The ball was held at the Longmont Museum Saturday January 4th. Performers from Adventures in Dance were invited to share their Fantastic Beasts Ballroom dance show.

Wizards Waltz Lesson

The wizarding world gathered at 5:30 pm to learn how to do Minerva McGonagall’s Yule Ball Waltz. Holly dressed as Queenie Goldstein directed guests in how to dance the Waltz. Hagrid even joined the fun dancing with Jessica dressed as Tina Goldstein.

Fantastic Beasts Ballroom Show

Once the formalities were finished, it was time for a Fantastic Beasts Ballroom Show. The Harry Potter Yule Ball began with the wizard’s Waltz. Craig as Jacob Kowalski demonstrated the “Harry Potter Waltz” with Jessica as Tina Goldstein. Next up were those dastardly death eaters with a Tango to die for. Holly and William danced the “Death Eater Tango” with pieces of a Paso Doble and an American Tango. On the lighter side, Jacob and Tina tripped the light fantastic with a fabulous Foxtrot to “Jacob’s Deli.”

Harry Potter Yule Ball Show

A romantic rumba with Queenie Goldstein and Newt Scamander to “Magic Works” from the goblet of fire was a hit. “Neville’s Waltz” swept across the floor with Craig & Jessica as Jacob and Tina. And for the finally, a rocking Jive to “Can you Dance Like a Hippogriff”

Wizards Grand March

Following the last bow muggles and magic folks gathered to kick off the social dancing with a grand march. Hand in hand guests followed the easy directions of Queenie Goldstein assisted by Newt Scamander. Beautiful formations were created up and down the floor.

Divination & Owl’s

In addition to dancing there were other experiences to be had. Next to the ballroom was the raptor rescue with Hedwig’s owl education. Down the hall divinations were offered. Young witches and wizards would tell your future based on your wand. If you were lucky you may even run into a traveling magician.

Potions & Portions

On the side was the great hall with drinks and dining options. Across the wall was the magical creature’s museum. Then in the middle were demonstrations of herbology and potions. Willing wizards and witches did daring experiments right before your eyes.

Benefiting Grey Havens Philosophy

The Harry Potter Yule Ball is a fundraiser for the Grey Havens Philosophy nonprofit. Grey Havens is committed to transforming their community through Philosophy for everyone. They help people explore who they are in relationship to each other and the universe. Their programs encourage people to imagine a better world and think about how to make it happen through community and inclusion. You can find more about Grey Havens Philosophy here https://greyhavensgroup.org/

Harry Potter Yule Ball DJ

Kody Meinert

DJ Manager // dj Maestro 303.513.2760

Fantastic Beasts Dancers

  • Tina Goldstein- Jessica Virgo
  • Queenie Goldstein – Holly Tomazin
  • Jacob Kowalski- Craig Tomazin
  • Newt Scamander- William Hooker

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