Queen Esther Persian Dance How To

Buried in the bible is the story of a bold Jewish princess, Esther. Her destiny was to save her people, but I wonder what dance would Queen Esther have done for her wedding? Perhaps a dance like the Persian Lezgi dance. This traditional Persian dance is a great adventure back in time.

Queen Esther

Hard times make great people, Queen Esther was made great for such a time as this. Esther used her beauty and strength to save her people from death at the hand of the king of Prussia in 478. She was the star that kept her people from genocide. Find your beauty and strength with the Persian Lezgi Dance.

Persian dance

Persian dance dates to the dawn of time. Dancing in Persia has its origins as a vigorous dance of life in the temple of the light God Mirthra. From there dance is developed into court entertainment. For this ancient nation, dancing has been an important social phenomenon and a religious ritual. Today Persian dance it is part of wedding reception and other celebrations.

Lezgi Dance

This dance depicts an eagle (or swan) with concise steps and strong sharp movements. It is typically in 6/8 meter and can be danced solo or with a partner. The gentlemen portraying an eagle, ladies a swan. A slower version of this dance called the Azeri is featured in weddings today.

Lezgi Persian Dance How to For Kids

After looking at several examples of Lezgi online, I contacted my friendDoctor Niloofar Nathalie Khalili-Bickle. She confirmed that this simple version I used today was the way Persian youth leaned the Lezgi dance. For the video I used Mirage from a you-tube free music list. But you can google any Lezgi Dance music list for a variety of traditional tunes. Feel free to find the one you like best.

First Step

With arms spread wide like an eagle or a swan, walk right then left on the beat for 8 counts, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.

Second Step

Begin standing on your left foot with left arm extended to the side, right arm bend with your fist at your chest. Triple step forward right foot then left foot count 1&2, 3&4. Repeat backward, then repeat the whole sequence.

Third step

Four walks forward to the right, clockwise, count 1,2,3,4.

Fourth Step

Hands tucked behind the back, Right foot Kick, hop, triple step, left foot kick, hop triple step, count 1,2,3&4, 5,6, 7&8. Repeat.


Queen Esther- Holly Tomazin
(for fun look up the 2006 film “One Night With The King”)

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