7 Dancing Do’s & Don’ts Still Stylish Today

Good etiquette is always in style. I was down the research rabbit hole when I came across the dancing do’s & don’ts from the 1950’s. I was impressed with how timeless the tips were. Here is how this piece of history is still true today.

Pick you outfit in advance

Planning is always in style. Plan what you want to wear when you go out to dance. A week in advance may seem like a lot, but there is some logic in having time to put everything together.

Clean up

On the day of the dance, remember a bath. Not to hot, not to cold, just right. For a finishing touch fragrance on a cotton swab. I like this one because it is not on my skin, which could cause an allergic reaction. (More Posture tips)

Tangling Hazards

When picking your outfit look out for these details. Be cautious of gowns that can get caught in your partners coat or shirt. Nothing more awkward than untangling your belt or beadwork from your partner’s buttons. (More Dance tips)

Hem length Hazard

Watch your hem length. If your skirt reaches the floor it becomes a tripping hazard or can get caught and torn. Keeping your hem off the floor helps avoid disaster. (More Dress tips)


Long handled handbags certainly can cause a hazard. The tip to keep it small is a good one. Putting what you need in a cell phone case or I like to put what I need in my partner’s pocket helps keep me hands free.


I love hats, but they are a hazard to dancing. I personally have had more hat dancing hazards than I can count. Low and lovely rhinestone finish a fancy hairdo fabulously.   


Shoes. This is a topic I have spent a lot of time on. Once again, avoid extremes. Overly high heals or platform shoes impair you balance. I do like flats if you know what you are doing. But a low heal with bring your balance forward and enable you to move backward in a more graceful way. No argument here! (More Shoe Tips)


Take personal responsibility when following. Use your connections with your left hand at the leader’s right shoulder to feel where his weight is shifting. This is a great tip to allow you to be a superstar follower. Cast off the limiting belief that you can only follow a good leader. Put on the power of being an attentive follower who is so good at following that you can dance with anyone. (More Following Tips)

7 Dancing Do’s & Don’ts

#1 Pick you outfit in advance, take a bath not too hot, & smell good. (Posture tips)

#2 Pay attention to tangling hazards like sequins, sewn in beads or belts that can catch on your partners clothes. (Dance tips)

#3 Watch for hem length tripping hazards. keep your skirt short enough to avoid tripping on.
(More Dress tips)

#4 Avoid long handled handbag beatings. Take a simple clutch.

#5 Turn away from Hats and hair accessory hazards.

#6 Shun the Wrong shoes. No platforms, a sensible heal that promotes good balance is the best.
(More Shoe Tips)

#7 Take personal responsibility in following. (More Following Tips)

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