Super Summer Showcase

Sunday afternoon students sporting stellar gowns gathered at Adventures in Dance for the Summer Showcase. Everyone had been working hard polishing their solo’s, and it really showed. We are so proud of how everyone danced.

Dance Newcomers

Three newcomer ladies graced the floorboards for the first time. First up was Rhonda Underhill with a wonderful new Waltz routine to the song “At this moment.” She was a vision in navy blue chiffon.  

The next newcomer was Jana Clarke. Sporting a navy-blue sparkle transition ballgown, she flew around the floor. Her Viennese Waltz was to “Cowboy’s Like Us.”

Last, but certainly not least to dance was Maureen Mallon. She got in the corona spirit and danced to “Coronavirus” spoof song. Her West Coast Swing slid across the floor with grace and style.

Experienced Dance Couples

Next, we had two experienced couples dancing a couple of well-rehearsed routines. Leading both sets were Larry & Sheryl Gray. Pivoting in a purple Latin dress, this dynamic duo started the first set with a scintillating Tango to “S.O.S.” Next wearing something in blue, the Gray’s danced a Waltz to their wedding song, “Can I Have This Dance For The Rest of My Life?”

Expressing great emotion Kevin Rudolph and Valerie Wassill strode onto the floor. Wearing a beautiful black and white feathered dress, Valerie brought flirting to a new level as she and Kevin danced their frisky Foxtrot to “Juke-Box.” After a change into a black and blue fringe dress, this expressive couple tangled in a Tango to “Cat Tango.”

Marvelous Melvin

Last of all seasoned veteran Melvin Marcusson took the floor. Donning a dandy boater hat he was ready to dance Foxtrot with Holly in her blue Edwardian dress. “You’re a Tramp” from the live action movie “Lady and The Tramp” was his song choice. He stole the show with his endearing routine.

Staff Dance

Between sets the staff shared their Latin and Rhythm set. They had scintillating Rumbas, beautiful Bolero’s, cheeky Cha-Cha’s, marvelous Mambo, and a jumping Jive. Not having changed costumes enough, they lengthened their hems for a smooth set, including Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, and Tango.

Dinner on the town

When the last award was handed out, everyone was ready for dinner. Delighted dancers headed into downtown Littleton to dine at smoking fins. Fabulous food and good friends finished a great afternoon with a great meal. 

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