Munsters Monster Mash Line Dance How To

Do you love Halloween? I do. I love finding monster line dances for the Halloween season. The monster mash is a great Halloween line dance. What princess of the night would fit the mash, the monster mash?  Lily Munster for a Munsters monster mash line Dance how to.


The Munsters were 1960’s TV monster family. This popular sitcom featured a loveable family of monsters living at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. The family was cross cultural, including Frankenstein, werewolves, witches, and Vampires.  Lily Muster was the daughter of Count Dracula, making her a vampire princess.

Monster Mash History:

The monster mash is a popular Halloween song created by Bobby “Boris” Pickett in 1962. Mr. Pickett loved B grade horror films, and the mash became a graveyard smash and has been haunting Halloween playlists since. Except in the UK, The monster mash was banned until 1973 for the line “graveyard smash” as being too racy.

Line Dance:

Our line dance uses many popular 60’s dance moves. Pieces include the mashed potato, the twist, grapevines, and monster points. Take a dance adventure back in time to the 60’s with the monster mash.

Munsters Monster Mash Line Dance How To:

Begin to the lyrics “working in the Lab, late one night” holding two test tubes and pour back and forth. “My eyes beheld”, point at your eyes. “An Eerie sight” Jazz hands high and bring them down. “our monster began to rise” hands low to shoulder height like Frankenstein.

Line dance portion

  1. Swim/mashed potato
    Four step taps right and left while swimming arms forward for 8 counts.
  2. Twist
    Twist right and left going down and up for 8 counts
  3. Repeat Swim 8 counts.
  4. Repeat Twist for 8 counts.
  5. Awooooo- Right hand.
    Split weight across both feet point right hand across to left side and pull back to right side for 8 counts.
  6. Awoooo – Left hand.
    Split weight across both feet point left hand across to right side and pull back to right Left for 8 counts.
  7. Grapevine Right
    Side right foot, cross left foot behind, side right foot, tap left foot next to right foot.
  8. Grapevine Left
    Side left foot, cross right foot behind, side left foot, tap right foot next to left foot.
  9. Jump turning 1/4 left
    Jump while turning ¼ to the left, 1,2,3,4 and shimmy 5,6,7,8
  10. Repeat from the top.
  11. On the 3rd repeat there Is a bridge where your repeat the Awooo section again.
  12. Repeat until the end.

Fun Munsters Facts

Researching the Munsters was fun. I found out many fun facts. The Munster’s costumes were based off universal studio’s monster movies. Sharing the same parent company gave then the rights to the movie monsters. Their house was a second empire Victorian house. It could be seen as a backdrop on many shows, like Leave It To Beaver, Shirley,(NBC, 1979–80) and Coach. After a remodel, it even was used in Desperate Housewives.

The interior shots were on a soundstage. Lily Munster enjoyed “dusting” the mansion with a Electrolux vacuum that spat out more dust than it piked up. Kenneth Strickfaden who build Frankenstein’s set also built Grandpa’s laboratory.

The Munster’s had two iconic cars. The first was the Munster Koach. Lily commissioned a dragster and a model T ford to be combined to chauffeur her family around. Second was the Drag-U-La, Grandpa’s coffin car. Coffins could only be purchased with an accompanying death certificate, so Barris made arrangements for an after dark cash purchase. The Drag-U-La was then featured in the credits of the Munsters.  

Munster Monster Mash Cast

  • Herman Munster- Craig Tomazin
  • Lily Munster- Holly Tomazin
  • Eddie Munster- William Hooker
  • Aunt Elvira- Luna Chenault
  • Vampira- Jessica Virgo

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