Werewolf Watusi Line Dance How To

The full moon reminds me of Werewolves. So, for my monster dance class I choregraphed a line dance to Werewolf Watusi. I had a howling good time researching Watusi dance moves to put together the Werewolf Watusi line dance.

Werewolf Legend:

Werewolf legends date back to antiquity in Greece and Rome. Humans could be changed by magic pelts, belts, oils, and the moon. A full moon brings out the “beast” in many humans, according to Australian studies. Violent actions led to many Werewolf’s trials in centuries past.

Good Wolves:

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Not all werewolves were bad. Some were just hairy. Werewolf syndrome or hypertrichosis causes an excess of hair to grow. This can lead to the appearance of a wolf person. One of the earliest recorded cases is Petrus Gonsalvus (1537–1618) who was referred to as “the man of the woods”

Werewolf Ruby Red:

Another good werewolf is Ruby Red Riding Hood from Once Upon a time. This fairy tale damsel learns to control her wolfish nature and uses it for good. Sometimes you can teach an old dog new tricks. She makes a lovely a werewolf princess.  

Werewolf Watusi:

The Werewolf Watusi was written by Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Rolling Bones in 1964. Following the success of the Monster Mash, bobby went on to write more Halloween themed songs. His impersonations are a mix of Boris Karloff, and Bela Lugosi.


What about the Watusi? This was a 60’s dance craze made popular by the singing group the Orions. The name came from a late 1950’s action movie called the Watusi featuring African Tutsi dancers. In 1962 the Lennon Sisters sang the Wah Watusi for the Lawrence Welk show.

The Watusi dance is described as a variation to the twist. It is a stationary dance that had greater forward and back swinging of the arms. The was made popular in the beach subculture and the movement can be enhanced by dragging your feet as if in the sand.

Werewolf Watusi Line Dance How To:

1-Step tap Right, & left, swinging arms left and right 4x.

2-Triple forward and back swinging arms forward and back 4x.

3-Chasse (side steps) right arms held to the left 1&2&3&4.

3.5- Chasse left arms held to the right 5&6&7&8.

4-Heal taps forward and back 1,2,3,4

4.5-Peddle turn 1/2 turn to right 5,6,7,8.

Our Location-Mt Falcon:

We filmed on location on Mount Falcon open space in Morrison Colorado. We began at the Walker castle ruins. Mr. Walker had a dream to build a presidential palace across the mountain from his home. However, his home was struck by lightning and burnt to the ground in 1918. Across the meadow is the Kirchhof family summer cabin wishing well. It reads “at the Well before the gate” a line from the Schubert song “Der Lindenbaum.”


Werewolf- Craig Tomazin

Ruby Red Riding Hood- Holly Tomazin

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 The Lennon Sisters — The Wah Watusi

First Daughter Luci Baines Johnson Dances the Watusi and Makes History, 1964