Wobble for Gobble Line Dance How To

What dances would you do for thanksgiving? How about the Wobble! This popular line dance reminds me of turkeys. So, Bill dressed up as a turkey and we did a thanksgiving version of the Wobble line dance for you to learn along with.

Wobble Dance History

The single hit “wobble” written by V.I.C. was released 3 yrs. prior to becoming a hit. It became a hit when the Wobble line dance was created in 2011. Sources claim that West TX Jay (Jeremy Strong) was a co-creator of the Wobble dance.

Wobble for Gobble Thanksgiving Dance

So, if you want to shake off your tryptophan blues this thanksgiving, get up and do a little wobble. I have provided a written breakdown below so you can enjoy learning to wobble your stuffing away. Gobble guilt free because you can wobble!

Wobble Line Dance How To:

Begin step tapping right and left with shoulder shimmy until the wobble phrase comes up.

Wobble section:

Step 1 jump forward wobbling forward with hands up shimmy shoulders. Count 1,2,3,4.

Step 2 jump back wobbling back shaking tail feather. Count 5,6,7,8.

Step 3 turn to the left and wobble. Count 1,2,3,4.

Step 4 turn to the right and Wobble. Count 1,2,3,4.

Cha-cha section:

1-Rock right foot forward, 2-replace weight to left foot,
3&4– tipple step in place right, left right.
(or coaster step, back right foot, close left foot together, forward right foot)
5-Rock left foot forward, 6-replace weight to right foot,
7&8– tipple step in place left, right, left.
(or coaster step, back together forward)

Step Taps:

Step tap side right then left for the count of 8 rotating ¼ turn to the left to repeat from the top or Wobble. We used some body ripples while step tapping but feel free to express yourself.


The song is the radio edit of “Wobble” by V.IC. We filmed on location at Adventures in Dance in Littleton Colorado. Our dancers were William Hooker and Holly Tomazin. Dance with happy feet this thanksgiving.

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