Santa Baby Christmas Line Dance How To

Who doesn’t love Christmas carols? I love carols and dancing, and for my Christmas line dance class, I took requests for the best of both. The top request was the song “Santa Baby” for a Christmas line dance

Santa Baby History

Santa Baby was written for the sultry sounds of Eartha Kitt in the early 1950’s. Written by Joan Javits and Phillip Springer with tongue and cheek, as a lady’s extravagant Christmas list to Santa. Its suggestive lyrics initially caused it to be banned in the south. By 1953 it became a chart buster hit and has been re-recorded my many artists over the decades.

Christmas Cha-cha

The United States was Ga Ga for cha cha in the 1950’s. The Chalypso (link was a popular 1950’s line dance with partners facing on another in a line. It is very fitting that the Santa Baby line dance features solo Cha-Cha moves.

Santa Baby Christmas Line Dance

Right foot forward rock triple side, left foot forward rock, triple side

Right foot rock forward triple back, left back rock forward triple

Boogie walk 2 slow right, left, 4 fast quicks (1,2,3,4)

Back Right foot kick left foot, back left foot kick Right foot

Jazz box Right foot rock step side close to 1/4 to left begin again

50’s Vintage Red Dress

Special thanks to my husband’s great aunt Nellie. She left me her vintage 50’s dresses from when she won miss Trinidad Colorado from 1949-1952. I am lucky to get to wear this little piece of history.


Santa Baby sung by Eartha Kitt


Narrator-Holly Tomazin

Santa-Craig Tomazin

Photobomber- Sherlock the cat

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