Psyche & The Cupid Shuffle Dance How To

Valentines day is made for lovers. What is better than to share your love with dance? We put the historic lovers Cupid and Psyche together to teach the modern Cupid Shuffle. Even if the music is modern, many of the steps are historically accurate for Cupid and his princess Psyche.

Cupid & Psyche

Cupid and Psyche fell in love in the 2nd century AD. After many trials Psyche is made a Goddess, and she and Cupid get married. They would have danced many of the same steps from the modern Cupid Shuffle. Steps like a single to right and left, kicks, and stepping in place.

Cupid shuffle history

The Cupid Shuffle is a popular line dance at weddings and social gatherings today, It was written by Bryson Bernard in 2007 and has since gone platinum. Bryson earned the nickname “Cupid” when he sang Sam Cook’s song “Cupid.”

How to Dance the Cupid Shuffle

Step 1 – To the right, and left to the left 7 side steps, tap on 8.

Begin with your right foot and step side, then close the left foot to right, Repeat for 7 counts. On count 8 tap the left foot next to right foot.

Repeat to the left stepping side left foot, close right foot to left foot, repeat for 7 counts. On count 8 tap the left foot next to right foot.

Step 2- Now Kick, Four kicks

Kick right then left foot forward kick step, Kick step for 4 counts.

Step 3 Walk it by yourself. 8 steps turning to the left ¼ turn.

Stepping right then left turn yourself ¼ turn to the left to face a new wall to repeat the process.


Cupid- Craig Tomazin

Psyche – Holly Tomazin


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