Miss Fischer’s Mystery of the Valentino Tango How To.

Miss Fischer made her way through 1920’s jazz clubs fighting crime. In her premiere episode she was caught dancing a Valentino tango, Inspired by 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. Unravel the mystery of the Valentino tango with Miss Fischer today!

Phryne a Princess?

Did you know Phryne was princess? In the movie Miss Fischer and the Crypt of Tears Pyrene is Married to the Maha Raja. Maha Raja is the Alvaar ruling house of India. This makes Phryne Fischer an Indian princess. Miss Fischer mysteries kicked off with a hot tango scene, just like Rudolph Valentino kicked his popularity into high gear with the legendary 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse Tango scene. Phryne would have been and expert at unraveling how to dance the Rudolph Valentino Jazz era tango.

Valentino’s Tango

Rudolph Valentino came to America from Italy. In 1914 New York Rudolph was hired to perform tangos with Joan Sawyer at various clubs. From there he was hired as a taxi dancer (gigolo) at Maxims paid to dance with unescorted ladies. You could say he was a Tango Lizards courting disgruntled tango bugs.

After going to jail for a rumored liaison, he joined a musical and traveled to the west coast. Once there he taught dance between movie bit parts. His big break was in “4 horsemen of the Apocalypse” the bestselling silent film of all time. His tango in “4 horsemen of the Apocalypse” was a merging of the early argentine tango and the Apache dance.

1922 Rudolph Valentino went on strike to gain more control of his films. He took a 4-month tango tour of the Us and Canada sponsored by Mineralava beauty products. He and Natacha wowed audiences with their tango spreading its popularity across the continent.

Jazz era Valentino Tango

I took time and reviewed many tangos in this time. From the apache tango to the French tango, there were many sources to reference. I reviewed the original footage of Rudolph Valentio dancing in the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse as well as his Mineralava tour footage. Then I reviewed 1920’s dance manuals on the Library of Congress. From all of this I put together a fun Miss Fischer’s Valentino tango how to. Enjoy the pieces below.

Miss Fischer’s Valentino Tango How To

Figures used.

Jazz era tango Library of congress Walker, C. The modern dances.1914

First Figure Jazz Era Argentine tango

Position, as shown in Illustration 6, which is assumed immediately on completion of the four introductory steps.

Starting with the outside foot, take four forward steps—counting one, two, three, four. On the fifth step bend, straighten up and turn on six, and hold this position through the counts seven and eight. See Illustration 12

Now take four steps in the opposite direction, bend on five, straighten up and turn on six and hold through seven and eight as above. This completes the figure and leaves you in the same position as at starting. Repeat this figure before starting the next.

 Fig. 3 Jazz era Argentine tango

Third Figure Position, as shown in Illustration 6. Counting one, step forward with the outside foot; two, forward with the inside foot; three, forward with the outside; four, forward with the inside; five, cross the outside foot over the inside, face the partner and bend; six, straighten and face in the opposite direction; seven, extend the outside foot (which is now the man’s right and the lady’s left), point the toe forward and hold this position through eight, keeping the weight on the inside foot. On the next five counts take five steps in the direction you are now facing. On six, turn, and hold through seven and eight. This brings you back to the original position. Repeat

Fourth Figure Jazz era Argentine tango

The Scissors Position,

Starting with the inside foot, take three steps forward. On the fourth extend the outside foot, rest the weight on it for the fraction of a second give a short, quick “brush” with the toe and swing the foot across the other, the fifth count being a step in the opposite direction. Six and 62 seven are two more steps, then “brush” with the other foot on eight. Repeat, Now vary the above by “brushing” on two and four instead of four and eight. This completes the Scissors Figure, made famous by Elsie Janis.

Promenade turn-
4 horsemen and in our syllabus today- The rhythm used is slow, slow, quick, quick.
Gentleman 1.Left foot side in promenade position, 2.right foot forward and across left foot in promenade position , 3. left foot side across lady, 4. right foot forward pivot to right.

Lady 1. Right foot side in promenade position. 2. Left foot forward and across right foot in promenade position. 3. Right foot forward turning to closed position, 4. Left foot side pivot to right.

Rudolph ronde

this is a common figure danced today rotating to the right instead of to the left as Rudolph did in the 4 horsemen. Forward right foot between lady’s legs lady ronde right leg to hook behind left. I preceded this with the first 3 steps of the promenade turn listed above. I ended this with a walk around the back and tango close. When you put these steps together, the rhythm would be slow, slow, quick, quick, quick, quick.

Double Corte-
From 4 horsemen footage and the same in our syllabus today. The rhythm will be Quick, quick, slow, slow, quick, quick, slow, slow, quick, quick, slow.

Gentleman 1.Left foot forward rock. 2. Replace weight to right foot. 3 Corte back left foot. 4 replace weight to right foot. 5-8 repeat steps 1-4. 9-11 Dance a tango close, or 9. Left foot forward. 10 Right foot side. 11 Close left foot to right foot without weight.

Ladies 1.Right foot back rock. 2. Replace weight to left foot, 3 Corte forward right foot. 4 Replace weight to left foot. 5-8 repeat steps 1-4. 9-11 Dance a tango close, or 9. Right foot back, 10 Left foot side, 11 Close right foot to left foot without weight.


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