Everybody Wants To Be A Cat Foxtrot Line Dance How To

Cool cats like to dance. The Aristocats are no exception. These jazz cats cut a rug with the song “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat.” I put together a jazzy foxtrot line dance for the Aristocats.


Duchess and her kittens have a wild adventure in 1910 trying to find their way home. Cool cat Thomas O’Mally steps in to show this opera cat family the jazzy side of the tracks. They cut a rug singing “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat.”

The Aristocats were the last film approved by Walt Disney before he passed away. They were released in December 1966. Their iconic song “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat” was so popular it was also released as a single. It featured famous jazz singer Scatman Crothers, who voiced scat cat in the movie.

Jazz and Cats

Jazz musicians were commonly referred to as cats. Hipster Jazz musicians were referred to as Cats in the 1930’s to 40’s because of their similarities to cats. Similarities include being nocturnal, always landing on their feet, and being independent minded. Common phrases from the early 1900’s for jazz cats are they are the cats’ meow, the cat’s pajamas, swingin’ hipcats, and cool cats.

Foxtrot for Jazz Cats

Foxtrot was a popular Edwardian dance. The swing in Aristocats was not popular until the 1920’s. Historically, Foxtrot is a better fit for these cool cats. It originated with Harry’s Friskies in San Francisco. Read more here.

Everybody Wants To Be A Cat Foxtrot Line Dance How To

Sway until the lyrics begin

Step 1 sway and spin

Begin with right foot free, 1,2 sway right, 3,4 sway left, turn to right stepping right, left, 5,6. sway right, 78, sway left 1.2.

Step 2 grapevine and close.

Begin grapevine right foot side, cross, side, cross 3,4,5,6. Right foot side left foot closes to right foot 7,8.

Step 3 seep point & Box

Begin right foot forward point left foot to side 1,2. Left foot forward point right foot 3,4. Jazz box Right foot crosses over left foot, left foot back, right foot side, left foot forward 5,6,7,8.

Step point back right foot back left foot point 1,2. Step point left foot back right foot point 3,4.  Back Rock turn back right foot, forward left foot turning ¼ turn to left, side right foot tuning ¼ to left, close left foot to right foot.

Repeat from the top until the music ends.

About the Littleton Depo Art Center

We filmed at the Littleton Depo Art Center. This was the Littleton train station built in 1888 for the Santa Fe Railroad. It operated as a train station until 1967. By 1979 it was designated a historic landmark and adapted as the “Depo Art Center.” This was a joint effort with the city of Littleton and the Littleton fine arts guild. The Depot Art Center’s purpose “is to promote and advance fine art in the area, operate … for the privilege of exhibiting members’ work, … sponsor shows by outside artists, and conduct workshops and art classes open to the public.” Go check them out today!

Song : Everybody Wants To Be A Cat” sung By Dimi Cat.


Duchess-Holly Tomazin

Marie- Jessica Virgo

Thomas O’Mally- Craig Thomas Tomazin

Camera-Aaron Virgo

Extra-George the poodle who wanted to be a cat too.

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