Winter showcase 2022

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a dance performance. The staff and student at Adventures in Dance had a great tie gathering for the 2022 Winter showcase and Dinner Dance.

Superb student Routines

Everyone did a better than average job of showing off their latest dance moves. Newcomer dancers Tim and Nikki Herrin kicked off the day with their Rumba Tango segue routine. They danced to “Rum is the Reason” and “He’s a Pirate.” It was a very entertaining way to begin the day.

Seasoned dancer Melvin Marcusson danced a frisky Foxtrot. He used the seasonal hit, “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.” To tie into the Whoville feal, Holly donned Martha May Whovier’s Christmas gown as Mel donned a Grinchy hat. It was a very entertaining number.


Kevin and Valerie took the floor next. They danced a romantic Waltz to Candle on the Water. It was full of fun moves they learned on their dance cruise. They performed their best yet.

Kicking up their heals for a rockus Quickstep were Larry and Sheryl Gray. Larry chose a toe tapping hit with “Bad Moon Rising.” They hipped, hopped and skipped across the floor without missing a beat. Very entertaining as always

Feelin’ good is an understatement for the Dunbar’s. They danced a fabulous foxtrot to Michael Buble’s “Feelin’ Good” Full of fun figures Linda looked up it was a fabulous routine. We are looking forward to their next creation.

Ending each set was Jessica Virgo. Her first routine was a fast and flashy Cha-Cha. She was sporting neon green fringe and enough bling to put your eye out. Well danced through and through. The other Latin dance, Tango was her feature for the second set, sporting a lovely black and teal dress she strutted like a peacock across the floor. Fabulous as always.


Closing the show was Craig & Holly Tomazin. They debuted a new routine and dress. Dancing night club two step to “That’s How You Make a Man” Holly spun across the floor in her stunning scrap heap special. This gold and black leopard print dress was finished the night before.


Delicious Dinner

Dinner was delicious as always. Dining on Brisket with glazed carrots, baked beans, Build your own Sweet Potato Casserole (Marshmallow cream fluff, whipped honey cinnamon butter, marshmallows, crunch topping. Build your own salad, lettuce, tomato, cumber, onion, eggs, peas, carrots, cheese and variety of dressing. Dessert bar of pumpkin and peach praline pies with whipped topping.

As Mel told me, it was a great show. Everyone had fun dining, dancing, and performing for each other. Be sure to join us next time.

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