Chicken Dance Line Dance How To

Did you know dance like a chicken day is May 14th? This happy celebration is in honor of the chicken dance. So come shake your tailfeather with the chicken dance line dance how to.

From Duck to Chicken dance:

The chicken dance was written in Sweden in the 1950’s by Werner Thomas. He was inspired by how Swedish skiers looked like ducks flying down the slopes. He named it “Der Ententanz” or “The Duck Dance.” While playing his duck dance at local resorts, Werner developed bird movements to go with his polka.

From there it traveled to America. In the 1970’s, the duck dance was re-instrumented adding a synthesized bird sounds and renamed “Tchip, Tchip.” The little bird dance started to grow in popularity and was featured at the Oktoberfest in Tulsa Oklahoma 1981. A Duck costume was not available, but a chicken costume was found at a TV st5ation, and they taught the original movements to the little bird polka. As they say, the rest is history. In 1994 Publisher Stanley Mills was contacted to add the Chicken Dance to a party album, and from then on it has been called the Chicken Dance.

Dance like a Chicken Day May 14:

Everybody has some memory of dancing the chicken dance at an Oktoberfest or wedding. In 2002 two Denver DJ’s decided to create dance like a chicken day and celebrate it in May. They did this to encourage people to loosen up, get silly and release stress dancing the chicken dance. It is now celebrated on the 14th of May annually. I have put together a tutorial of three ways to dance the chicken dance below, featuring my chickens.

Chicken Dance Line Dance How To:

Chorus -Mimic a Chicken:

1-Snap your beaks like this – clap your fingers to your thumbs like a chicken clucking four times.

2-Flap your wings like this – tuck your hands under your underarms and flap your elbows four times.

3- Shake a tail feather – swing your tail back and forth four times.

4- Four claps let’s go! – Clap your hands four times.


Option 1, polka with your partner! A 1&2, 3&4 around the floor!

Option 2, Do Si Do. Hook right elbows and skip around your partner, then reverse directions and hook left elbows. You can also daisy chain around the room this way going from partner to partner.

Option 2 polka in place. You can make a great line dance by dancing a polka step in place 8 counts, turning right 8 counts, in place 8 counts, and turning to the left 8 counts.


The chicken dance from album thanksgiving kids

Special thanks:

I am so grateful to my family for their assistance. Thank you to Craig Tomazin for dancing with me and filming. We filmed at Adventures In Dance Club, and used my back yard as our backdrop with my chickens Penny, Jenny, and Emmy that I got from Lewis and Cluck in Littleton. Thank you to my cat Mystery for herding the chickens so well.


Craig & Holly Tomazin,


Penny, Jenny, Emmy



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