Mexican Hat Dance Line Dance How To

Do you want to kick up your heels for Cinco De Mayo? Then I have the perfect line dance for you. Learn how to dance the Mexican Hat Dance.

History of the Mexican Hat Dance

The Mexican Hat dance, also known as Jarabe Tapatio, was declared the national dance of Mexico in 1924. Originally a courtship dance where the man places the sombrero on the ground for the couple to dance around. The dance ends with the lady picking the hat up and using it to disguise a kiss to seal the deal. It is now a popular dance for celebrations like Cinco De Mayo.

Line Dance variation of Mexican Hat Dance

The Mexican Hat dance is popularly taught in grade school. The grade school version has the kids skip around the hat after the kicks and claps. I am using the traditional sombrero to dance around, and some of the traditional Ladies moves like checking steps and turns.

Mexican Hat Line Dance

Commence with hands on hips.

Step 1 Kicks and Claps
Kick right, left, right, two claps, repeat to the left, right, left two claps, repeat for 16 counts.

Step 2 Rock step side
Left, right, left, count 1 & 2. then repeat to the right. Right, left, right count 3&4. Do for 16 count or 8 times.

Step 3 Peddle Turns
Step side left foot, peddle turn right foot 4 count to left, repeat stepping to the right foot and peddling left foot around for 4 counts. Repeat for 16 counts.

Repeat steps one and 2 until the original kicking motif returns then dance the kicks and claps.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the end.

Mexican Hat Dance Fieststa Mexico Loco.


We filmed on location at Adventures in Dance Club on the super-secret second floor of the Woodlawn shopping center home to Littleton’s first movie theatre.  The lead dancer and narrator is Holly Tomazin.

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