Puss in Boots Paso Doble Line Dance How To

Dance offs are so exciting. Puss & Boots and Kitty Soft paws do a highly entertaining dance off in both of their movies. Latin inspired music and fancy footwork make this fabulous. This inspired me produce this Puss in Boots Paso Doble Line Dance.

History of Puss in Boots

Stories of animal helpers are an ancient idea that cross all cultures. The first published version of Puss in Boots was an Italian tale called Cagliuso written in 1550. This animal helper is a female fairy cat who helped her master gain fame and fortune. By 1679 Charles Perrault published Puss in Boots as a tomcat committed to helping his master, the miller’s son, get the gold and the girl.  Ironically, I adopted the Miller’s cat, she got the boy, and lived happily ever after. Enchanting.

Don Quixote influences in Shrek Puss in Boots

The Shrek Puss in Boots is heavily influenced by Don Quixote. He is a cavalier fella who fights for chivalrous love. He is in love with adventure and helping others. The DreamWorks Adventures of Puss in Boots is spaghetti western style. In this series of short adventures Puss has feelings for Dulcinea. Dulcinea, meaning sweetness, is the made-up name of the woman that Don Quixote is infatuated with. The same name is used for the sweet kitty protecting San Lorenzo that Puss tries to protect from thieves. After many adventures, Puss must leave San Lorenzo to protect it. He leaves Dulcinea behind with her village to ride off into the sunset remembering her only as a dream, or unrequited love.

Cat woman and Kitty Softpaws

Kitty Soft Paws is the romantic interest of the feature film Puss in Boots. She is a clever thief who also sports boots. Very a likely a throwback to the original Italian puss in boots. In the Italian-speaking world, cunning is usually attached to a female cat. As Puss says, “Kitty? You are not as good as they say. You are better.” She is a well-groomed cat who is no damsel in distress. This clever kitty keeps her cool in tense situations as well as her sense of humor.  According to DreamWorks, her mask was inspired by Batman. Kitty’s talents were inspired by batman’s love interest, Cat woman.

History of the Paso doble

The paso doble has roots in the Fandango. This saucy folk dance was done by early gypsies and was banned in 1776. The Fandango and castanets were associated with disorder and rebellion. Once it could no longer be repressed, the Fandango became the influencer of Flamenco, Tango, and Paso Doble. Some historians claim that Paso Doble music dates to Spain in 1780. A French march dance called the Paso Redouble developed around the same time. By the 1800’s the Paso Doble music was used by bullfighters as they entered the ring. It resurfaced in southern France by the border to Spain in the 1920’s featuring the bullfighter and his cape as the theme for the dance.

Puss in Boots Paso Doble Line Dance How To

Puss in Boots and Kitty Softpaws have a Tuesday dance battle at the milk club named the “(G)Litter Box.”  They battle with a flamenco inspired dance off. We used a line dance Paso Doble for this epic dance battle. Additionally, we put it in a line dance format. Dulcinea from the Adventures of Puss in Boots demonstrated the easy version. Kitty Softpaws demonstrated the full version. Have fun learning the Puss in Boots Paso Doble.

Step 1 8 Count Surplase- March in place right, left 8 counts.

Step 2 Apel & three step turn- Drop to right foot, step forward left foot. Close right foot to left foot turning to left, step forward right foot. Count 1,2,3,4.

Step 3 Spanish taps – Forward right foot, side left foot turning right, back right foot tap left foot, step forward left foot 1, tap right foot behind 2& set right foot down 3, tap left foot 4, repeat with the left foot. 5,6,7,8, 1, 2& 3,4

Step 4 Close and Drag- Forward right foot 1, close left foot to right foot 2, side right foot 3, close left foot to right foot 4.

Step 5 4 count Surplase- March in place right, left 4 counts.

Step 6 Separation- Apel by setting right foot down 5, back up left 6, right 7, close left to right 8, Step forward right left for 1,2,3,4

Step 7 syncopated taps- Close right to left foot & point Left foot 5 hold 6. Close Left to right foot & point right foot 7 hold 8.

Repeat steps 5,6,7

Step 8 Boto Fogo or step side rock- Step forward right foot 1, side left foot 2, replace weight to right foot 3, position held 4. Step forward left foot 5, side right foot 6, replace weight to left foot 7, position held 8.

Step 9 Check and chasse- Forward right foot 1, replace weight to left foot 2, side right foot 3, close left to right foot &, side right foot 4, forward left foot 5, replace weight to right foot 6, side left foot 7, close right to left foot &, side left foot 8.

Repeat steps 8 & 9

Song Famous Fearless Hero from Puss in Boots the Last Wish.


We were privileged to film at Kate’s Wine Bar in Historic Downtown Littleton. This historic location at 5671 S. Nevada Street was originally a bank, and still has the bank vault door in the corner to the basement. Long time patrons Darren and Amber Hamman seized the opportunity to purchase the bar after COVID. They have been delighting patrons with their warm and friendly ways since. Stop in for a sip and a trip back in time. www.kateswinebar.com


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