Night Fever Brooklyn Shuffle Line Dance How To

The theatre is responsible for many dance crazes. In 1977 “Saturday Night Fever” began the disco dance craze. One of the dances to come out of this craze is the Brooklyn Shuffle Line dance to “Night Fever.” I put together this line dance how to for my line dance class.

Saturday night Fever background.

The plot for Saturday Night fever was based on an article by Nik Chon on the “Tribal rights of the new Saturday Night.”  The film captures how when you dance you leave the ordinary and become who you want to be. The urge to move and vibrate at a higher level is at our core. Film critic Siskel states “Travolta on the dance floor is like a peacock on amphetamines.” In addition, Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton wrote in their book “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life”: “The Bee Gees did for disco what Elvis Presley did for rhythm and blues they made it safe for white, straight, middle-class people” to dance. Have fun learning the Night Fever Brooklyn Shuffle.

How To dance the Night Fever Brooklyn Shuffle Line Dance

Entrance:  hold bars 2 until the vocals start

  1. Beginning R, back up 3 steps, point on count 4.
  2. Beginning L, Walk forward 3 steps, clap on count 4
  3. Beginning R, Grapevine or one traveling turn, spinning CW to the right, clap on count 4.
  4. Beginning L, grapevine or one traveling turn, spinning CCW to the right, clap on count 4
  5. 2 Kick Ball change, -kick R forward (low kick), rock R in back, step L in place. QQS timing. Repeat.
  6. Dance “the Skate” in place, stepping R twisting both knees to the right, step L twisting left. Repeat both.
  7. Seatbelt Travolta Pose 8 count: R hand pointing up to the right 1, then down to your left hip 2. Repeat for the count of 8.
  8. Hand roll 2 counts Quickly roll the hands in front while stepping in place with merengue Latin hips.
  9. Funky Chicken 2 counts, flapping the bent elbows downward twice while clicking heels together twice.
  10.  Point R foot forward without weight, point R back, point R to the right side with weight, pushing off the R toe to turn left, hitch the R knee forward, ankles somewhat close together. 4 counts.

Music: Night Fever by the Bee Gees, 1979


Dancer, Holly Tomazin

Filmed on Location at Adventures in Dance Club

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