Betty Boop Catty Quickstep Line Dance How To

What do Betty Boop, Felix the Cat and Quickstep have in common? They all originate from the 1920’s! To celebrate this awesome coincidence, I created the Betty Boop Catty Quickstep Line Dance How To. Have fun learning all about it below.

Quickstep history

The Quickstep dance was originally known as the ‘really fast Foxtrot, Charleston, Quickstep’. (Additionally, it borrowed from one-step and shag). This was too much of a mouthful to say so it was shortened to Quickstep. Even though the name shortened the steps did not, and to this day the quickstep has elements of the foxtrot, Charleston, and polka. Both Felix and Betty Boop bopped with a Charleston and fast foxtrot. Read more here.

Felix the cat history

Felix the cat was the first fully animated animal to hit silent films in 1919. He became hugely popular being featured in comic strips and film shorts. Many of his film shorts were more popular than the films that followed.  The name Felix is Latin for Lucky. Many organizations took Felix the cat as their lucky mascot.

Background on Betty Boop

Following Felix, on the movie screen was Betty Boop. In 1933 Betty Boop was featured in the first animated sleeping beauty, preceding Disney by 4 years. Unlike Minnie Mouse, Betty Boop played second fiddle to no one. Betty Boop was an archetype 1920’s baby faced flapper inspired by Helen Kayne. Just like Felix, patrons would flock to the films to see the Betty Boop cartoon short.

Felix and Betty Boop Together

In November 1984 Felix the Cat and Betty Boop joined forces. They were combined into a comic strip that ran until 1988.  Betty Boop was a working woman and Felix the cat was her pet (replacing Pudgy). Felix had bubbles with catty comments similar to Garfield.  This dynamic duo displayed the fun and frisky Quickstep line dance fabulously.

How To Dance Betty Boop Catty Quickstep Line Dance

First side commence with right foot.

1 ¼ turn to right:
Forward, side-close-side: The leader brings their right foot forward, quickly takes a step to the side with their left foot, and closes with their right foot, bringing their feet together. The next slow step—outward to the left—ends this first slow-quick-quick-slow movement.

2 Progressive chasse:
Back, side-close-side: The leader then steps back with their right foot, steps to the left with their left foot, closes their feet with their right foot, and steps to the side again with their left foot. This is the second slow-quick-quick-slow.

3 Forward lock:
Forward right foot, forward left foot left side leading, cross right foot behind left foot, forward left foot, count slow-quick-quick-slow.

4 ½ Natural Turn:
Forward Right foot, side left foot1/4 turn to right, Close Right to Left foot. count slow-quick-quick.

5 Spin turn:
Back left foot pivot 3/8 to right, forward right foot spin 1/8 to right, side left foot. Close right to left foot. count slow-slow-slow.

Back left foot, kick right foot, forward right foot, kick left foot. Repeat for count of 8.

Second side commence with Left foot

1 Step 1 ¼ turn to right:
Back side-close-side: left foot back, stepping to the right, closing with the left, and then stepping outward with the right. Count slow-quick-quick-slow.

2 Progressive chasse:
forward with the left, to the side with the right, closing with the left, and again going to the side with the right. Count slow-quick-quick-slow.

3 Backward lock:
Back left foot, back right foot, cross left infront of right foot, back right foot, count slow-quick-quick-slow.

4 ½ natural:
Back left foot,right foot side toe turned out 3/8 of a turn,left foot closes to right foot, count slow-quick-quick.

5 Spin turn:
Forward right foot pivot 1/2 to right, side left foot 1/4 to right, side right foot, close left to right,

6 Charleston:
Step forward right foot, kick left foot, step back left foot, kick back right foot. Repeat for the count of 8.

Repeat from the begining until the song has ended.


Music: Betty Boop Klaus Hallen

Betty Boop, Holly Tomazin

Felix The Cat, Craig Tomazin

Filmed on Location at Adventures in Dance Club

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