Beer Barrel Polka Line Dance

Drinking and dancing go hand in hand. So, the Beer Barrel polka is the perfect song to dance to when drinking at Oktoberfest. Polka is the traditional dance for this song, but for fun I adapted a line dance to the Beer Barrel Polka for Oktoberfest this year.

History of the Polka:

Polka is rumored to have been started as a half step dance invented by a Czeck nanny encouraging her young wards to dance.  This Czeck peasant dance knows as the pulka or “half-step’” became the rage by 1835. Once polka was featured at the Odeon Theatre in Paris in 1840, Polkamania spread worldwide. It is popular to this day and featured in Country Western competitions internationally. 

History of the Beer Barrel Polka:

During the roaring 20’s Jaromír Vejvod composed this happy little instrumental polka. By the mid 30’s lyrics were added. With the invasion of Czechoslovak by the Germans many Czeck citizens fled the country taking this happy tune with them. By 1939 the Andrew Sisters recorded an English version of the Beer Barrel Polka. It was then recorded in many languages during WWII and was popular with soldiers on both sides of the conflict.

Not only is the Beer Barrel Polka at the top of the Oktoberfest playlist, but it is a popular song for sporting events. It is played for the Milwaukee Brewers, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay Packers, and the San Jose Giants home games. So, roll out the barrel, we’ll have a barrel of fun learning the Beer Barrel Polka line dance.  

Beer Barrel Polka Line Dance How To:

Three step turn to the right 1,2,3, 4. Right heal toe tripple step 5,6,7&8

Three step to the left 1,2,3, 4. left heal toe tripple step 5,6,7&8

Tripple step forward right, left, Walk around turn  (1&2, 3&4, 5,6)

Tripple step forward, left & right rock step  (7&8, 1&2, 3,4)

Down up 2x (5,6,7,8)


Filmed on Location at Adventures in Dance Club. Dance and Narrated by Holly Tomazin on a blue screen with various Bavarian backdrops. Special thanks to Craig Tomazin for filming.


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