La Muerte – Day of the Dead – Live Life Line Dance

How do you celebrate the day of the dead? I love to dance so I looked up this fun line dance to Live Life from the Book of Life movie. Enjoy learning to dance with La Muerte for Day of the Dead the “Live Life” Line Dance.

Roots of Day of the Dead

This dance is inspired by the Day of the Dead. This is a Mexican holiday with Mesoamerican and Spanish roots. It is a celebration of family who have crossed to the other side. Ancient cultures celebrated the thinning of the veil between worlds in the fall with bonfires and candles. In Mesoamerica the dead were celebrated in August. The Aztecs would leave food and water on the graves of their ancestors to aid in their journey to the afterlife.  The Catholic church took up this tradition and celebrates All Souls Day and All Saints Day. In medieval Spain they would celebrate by decorating graves with flowers and leaving bread and wine for the dead.

Day of the Dead Traditions

The Day of the dead is a celebration of family who have crossed over to the other side. Traditions include elements of wind (with paper cutouts) water (a pitcher of water to quench the thirst of the deceased) Fire (candles) and Earth (Flowers & food). Families would get together to remember their ancestors and celebrate life. It has grown to include parades and other festivals.

La Muerte Queen of Souls

In Aztec tradition Mictecacihuatl is the Goddess of the realm of the dead and keeper of the bones of the deceased. She was depicted with a skull-like face. When the Spanish invaded, they brought Catholicism with them. With it came the transformation of Mictecacihuatl into Santa Muerte, Goddess of death protector of souls, justice, and healing. According to Book of Life Wikki La Muerte was modeled after Santa Muerte.

Dance of the dead

The plague in the Middle Ages caused many to bend a knee at the grave. Saint Saens even wrote the “Dance of the Dead” to commemorate those who past. Folkloric groups keep traditional dances alive celebrating El Día de Los Muertos. One tradition is Xantolo day of the dead dance procession. For my video we chose a line dance to “Live Life” from the movie the book of life.


Live Life Line Dance

Hold 16 counts at the beginning of the song.

First Section:

Right foot side, Close left to right, chase to right side, close, Side. Count 1,2,3&4.
Repeat to the left. Left foot side, Close right to left, chase to left side, close, Side. Count 5,6,7&8.

Second Section:

Right foot rock forward, replace weight to left foot, turn ¼ turn to right, lock step forward, forward, close forward. Count 1,2,3&4

Third Section:

Left foot rock forward, replace weight to right foot, coaster step back together forward.

Repeat from the beginning.


Live Life from The Book of Life


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La Muerte, Maria, & Carmen.

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