Hillbilly Hippie Sadie Hawkins Line Dance How To

Did you attend a Sadie Hawkins dance at school? This curiosity led me to dig up this hillbilly Hippie line dance and feature the legendary Sadie Hawkins from Lil Abner with my friend Sadie. Have fun learning this happy line dance.

Who is Sadie Hawkins?

Sadie Hawkins is the spinster daughter of the Hezekiah Hawkins. He was concerned his 35 yr. old daughter, the “homeliest gal in all them hills,” would never get married. He sponsored a race, first held on November 15, 1937, where the Dogpatch girls could catch their mates. The night before the race the town of Dogpatch held a dance where all the belles wore hobnailed boots in hopes of hobbling the boys so they could not run the next morning. Al kept the race as an annual event in November.  This led to Sadie Hawkins dances in America where the girls would ask the boys to a dance.

History of Sadie Hawkins Dance

After cartoonist Al Capp started the annual Sadie Hawkins race in November 1937, Colleges picked up the practice of a Sadie Hawkins dance. By 1939 Time reported 200 higher educational institutions were hosting Sadie Hawkins dances. But was this really the first time a girl could catch her guy?

Shrouded in the mists of time is an Irish tradition knows as “Leap Day” where women were free to propose to men. This was rumored to be on February 29th, so it happened on leap years. A Scottish lay in the 1200’s is thought to have given rise to “Ladies Day” or “Ladies’ Privilege” where a lady could propose to men. Germany had its own manhunting holiday, Weiberfastnacht. This holiday falls on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday, and women prowl the street demanding kisses of all the men they find and snipping off their neckties. This originated in 1824 when some washerwomen demanded a day of their own and Woman’s day came into existence. In America several decades before Dogpatch, The Northwestern Tolo Dance sported women asking men to the dance as a fundraiser for their women’s honor society.

When is Sadie Hawkins day?

Al Capp was elusive about the date. It was somewhere from the middle to the end of November. It originated on the 15th of November, but when pushed, Al nailed it down to November 26th. It is also confused with Leap Day February 29th.  Any day you dance is a good day, so pick the day you like and dance this fun line dance with the Dogpatch Belles.

Hillbilly Hippie

I was looking for hillbilly line dances to commemorate Sadie Hawkins and came across Lainie Wilson’s song “Hillbilly Hippie.” This is a song celebrating the hillbilly lifestyle and girl power sung by a contemporary hillbilly.  It seemed the perfect fit to put the Dogwood dames dancing to this Lainie Wilson original.

Hillbilly Hippie Line Dance

Step 1 Grapevine to right chase and rock.

Counts 1-4 step side right, cross left behind right, side right, cross left in front of right foot. 5&6, Side close side to the right, 7,8 rock back left foot then replace weight to right foot.

Repeat to the left
Counts 1-4 step side left, cross right behind left, side left, cross right in front of left foot. 5&6, Side close side to the left, 7,8 rock back right foot then replace weight to left foot.

Step 2 Toe heal tripple step right and left.

Counts 1,2 right foot touch toe, heal, then triple step in place count 3 & 4 right foot, left, right. Repeat on the left. Count 5,6 left foot touch toe, heal, then triple step in place count 7&8.

Step 4 Step tap turn ¼ to right.

Count 1,2 step diagonally forward right foot and tap left next to right foot. Count 3,4 retrace diagonally back left foot and tap right. Count 5,6 turn ¼ turn to right step tap to right side right foot, tap left. Repeat to the left, side left foot, tap right.


Thank you, Sadie.

Special thanks to Sadie Richardson for being an inspiration and awesome addition to this production. Sadie has been inspired by the girl power of the Sadie Hawkins character since childhood. I was privileged to work with her and put this collaboration together.


We filmed on location In the Adventures in Dance Club and green screened in our background. I used images I took of the cabin at heart lake trail by the Moffet tunnel in Colorado. If you have a chance take advantage of hiking by the Moffet tunnel.

Dogpatch Belles Cast:

Sadie Richardson

Holly Tomazin

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