Christmas Can-Can Line Dance How To

Christmas can often feel like a flurry of events and to-do lists. It Is also a great time to kick up your heals and dance a Can-Can. One of my favorite seasonal songs is the Christmas Can-Can by Straight No Chaser. I had fun filming this Christmas Can-Can Line Dance How To.

Christmas Can-can?

What is a Christmas Can-Can? This catching ditty has been around for a bit. The music was inspired by Offenbach’s piece Galop infernal. It was later adapted by Walter Chase to the Christmas Can-Can in 2000. In 2009 Straight no chaser released it for Christmas. I have been using it as a Can-Can work out for my Christmas line dance class since 2021.

What is a Can-Can?

The Can-Can is a dance that arose from the Victorian galop (read more). It was made popular in Paris at the Moulin Rouge (read more). It led to the rise of the popular American dance troupe the Rockettes. Have fun learning this holiday dance.


Christmas Can-Can Line Dance How To:

Step 1 Can-Can kicks-

Right knee up, down 4 ct., kick stomp left knee up, down, kick stomp 4 ct. Repeat right and left 8 ct.

Step 2 Leg circles & forward polka-

Right knee up circle right ankle in front count 1,2 lock step forward 3&4. Left knee up circle right ankle In front count 5.6lock step forward 7&8.

Step 3 Rock step forward & back with Walk around Turn-

right foot forward rock 1, Left foot back replace 2. Right foot back rock 3, Left foot forward replace 4. Walk around turn right foot toward rotate 180 degrees to the left count 5, replace weight to left foot count 6, close feet7, swing hips back count 8.


Song, Christmas Can-Can Straight no Chaser.

Dancer, Holly Tomazin.

On location, at Adventures in Dance Club.

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