Valhalla Calling Ratatoskr Line Dance How To

Squirrels are a common part of life and a tool I use to teach with every day. For years my students have brought me squirrels and told me about famous squirrels like President Roosevelt squirrel Pete (for Pete’s sake), Marvel comics Squirrel girl, and recently Ratatoskr the Norse squirrel God. For Squirrel appreciation day I simplified Vahala Calling line dance for the Norse Squirrel God, Ratatoskr.

Norse squirrel God Ratatoskr

Norse mythology centers around the tree of life Yggdrasill. At the top is the eagle, and at the root is the serpent Níðhöggr. From treetop to root the squirrel Ratatoskr delivers messages from eagle to serpent and back again. This squirrel had appeared in Squirrel girl episodes, as well as in the game “God of War.” This makes Ratatoskr my top pick for famous squirrels to feature in my dance on Squirrel appreciation day Jan 21.

Valhalla Calling

In Norse mythology, Valhalla is the ancient hall where fallen Norse warriors spend their afterlife. The musical group “Miracle sound” was inspired by Vikings and the Norse legends. They spent copious time researching the Norse mythology to create this “composition that pays homage to Viking warriors and their quest for eternal glory.” It is also my inspiration for a Squirrel God line dance. I saw the Claudia Arndt line dance and was inspired to simplify it to fit my line dance class.

Valhalla Calling Ratatoskr Squirrel God Dance How To.

Begin with vocals 4 walls.

Section 1 tap, tap tripple.

Right foot tap forward tap side coaster step 1,2,3&4

Left foot tap forward tap side, hook side close turn ¼ to Left 5,6,7&8.

Section 2 Cha and Walk around turn ¼ to right.

Rt rock forward cha cha side ¼ to rt 1,2 3&4.

Lf Walk around turn ¼ turn scallop walk side close 5,6,7&8.

Section 3 toe heal coaster.

Rf 1,2 toe heal coaster step 3&4.

Lf 5,6 toe heal coaster step 7&8.

Section 4 Side rock and Cuban break

RF side rock 1,2 Cuban break Rf fwd. 3&4.

LF side rock 5, replace to Rf 6 LF Wat ½ turn (7&8).

Repeat from the beginning.


Inspired by the line dance Claudia Arndt Choreograpy.

Background – Redwoods from my trip to Henny Cowell Redwoods State Park in Ca.

Ratatoskr Norse Squirrel God 1,2,3: Holly Tomazin.

Filmed on location at Adventures in Dance Club.

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