Fortnite Bunny Hop How to

How did Bunny Hop go from fabulous 50’s to video game rarity? This happy little bunny hop has tripped the light fantastic and hopped over the decades and into your computer screen as an emoji. Learn how to dance the Fortnite bunny hop and read on for more history.

Hop, hop, hop History.

The bunny hop was invented in the 1950’s by San Francisco highschoolers. From there it was picked up by Finnish youth as an alternative to the schottische. By 2014 It became a popular Arabian wedding dance. Then Fortnite got its paws on it, and kept just the hop, hop, hop.

Fortnite Bunny Hop

In 2019 Fortnite released a rare emote, the bunny hop. It was first added to the game in chapter 1 season 8. It is only available once a year, so gamers must hop, hop, hop to get it added to their games. The last release date was Jan 21, 2024. But if you miss adding it to your game you can hop along with this Fortnite bunny hop tutorial.

Fortnite Bunny Hop How To

Hop up and down twisting left and right looking in opposite directions to your hop. Happy hopping!

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