Unlock Your Inner Dragon: 5 Qi Gong Dance Forms with Reya and Sisu

Reya and the last dragon is a lovely journey into Chinese lore. Sisu the water dragon would be familiar with the qi gong form of swimming dragon. This dance-like meditative martial art is a perfect fit for Reya. I put 5 dragon forms together in a dance sequence for Reya and the Last Dragon Sisu.

Dragon Sisu

Do you believe all dragons to be devious? In Chinese lore there is a story of the four dragons who disobeyed the emperor to give water to the people. Their penance for disobeying the Jade emperor was to become the four rivers and provide water for the people for eternity. This is one of the eastern legends that was the inspiration for Sisu the water dragon. Just like this legend the dragons in Reya and the last Dragon sacrificed themselves to save the humans.

Warrior Princess Reya

Reya is the princess of the Heat tribe. She is a strong daughter of the king, and a trained warrior. Reya would have extensive training in Martial arts, and all martial training is developed from Qi Gong. This meditative form of martial arts training is beneficial for people of all walks of life and abilities and fit for a princess.

History of Qi Gong

Qi Gong can be traced back 7000 years. It is an ancient meditative form of breathing and gymnastics. Many of the forms are said to be rooted in dance. It is no secret that warriors of many cultures studied dance for agility in battle. Qi Gong is graceful and loaded with healing benefits. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of knocking on the door of life, dragon arms, flying dragon and swimming dragon.

Knocking on the door of life

This is the opening exercise. The Ming Men is a door or gate of life is the gateway through which energy flows. This easy exercise is good for bolstering your immune system. It breaks up stagnant energy in the kidneys through the swinging of your arms around your body to “knock” on your kidneys.

Dragon Arms

This is an arm focused move with many benefits and multiple names, like balancing plates and dragon serves tea. It is traditionally used to open circulation in the entire body, lubricate joints, and strengthen core muscles around the spine. It can be done seated or standing. I chose the standing version for both underarms and behind the back variations.

Flying Dragon

The flying dragon Qi Gong is a cleansing form. All dragon forms use a twisting of the spine to loosen it and let your spinal fluid get to the brain. As a dragon form It is an internal therapy and with meditation can cleanse mind, body and soul.

Swimming Dragon

Vivan Chau describes swimming dragon best. “This secretive technique involves intricate body movements where practitioners twist and turn their bodies, emulating the graceful motions of a dragon emerging from water. This mesmerizing display of fluidity earned it the name “Dragon Swimming Technique.” Moreover, during the practice, the hands trace three consecutive circular paths in front and to the sides of the body, creating a visual representation of interconnected rings. As a result, this art is also referred to as the “Three-Ring Technique” Through the combination of these movements, cultivates strength, agility, and harmony with the principles of nature.”

5 Qi Gong Dragon Dance Forms.

Knocking on the door of life.

 Stand with feet apart twist your spine as you swing your arms around your body allowing them to make contact with your center.

Dragon Serves tea or Balancing plates.

Hold palms up as if you have plates on them. Bring the plate under the arm from front to back then over the head.

Dragon Arms

flat plate arms front under to out.

dragon arm plate back to front and under arms.

(Mingtong Gu version)

Flying Dragon

Begin with holding a ball rt over left then switch to left over rt step left cut twist step right cut twist side arm over to a ying yang ball and change direction to fly. Repeat on your right foot!

Easy version – no steps no twist

(Vivien Chao version)

Swimming Dragon how to Vivien Chao

Begin with feet together as the tail of the dragon rooted in the water. Hands palm to palm in front of chest as the head of the dragon. As you move in three circles down and up your body you head and hips will move in opposition to where your hands are traveling creating a twist in your body.

1 intro – begin with hands at your side and feet together. Bring hands up in a circle over your head until your palms join and come to the middle of your chest. Find your center and bring hands to heart.

2 Slide your palms to the left as head and hips slide right with soft knees.

3 Repeat to the right. Slide your palms to the right, ask your head and hips slide to the left with soft knees.

4 Lower hands to sternum and slide across to the left looking head and hips to the right.

5 Drop the head of the dragon to the left down pointing fingers to earth sliding hands beneath hips, to the right as head and hips sway to the left.

6 Slide the hands from right to left with the back of left hand down through the center of your body sway hips and head in opposite directions to right.

7 point the head up to emerge from the water sliding across shoulders to the right as hips and head go left.

8 Shoot the head of the dragon with your pointed fingers to the sky above your head as you calf raise returning your hands to chest level to begin again from step 2.

Repeat 3 times. Tip head down to root to end.

(Vivien Chao version)


Song : Easterminder Kevin Mccloud


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Journey of Vitality: Flying Dragon Qigong Live with Vivien Chao (youtube.com)