About Our Dance Club

Ballroom Dance Studio Littleton Colorado

Whatever your desire, Our professional staff is ready to take you on an Adventure, a Dance Adventure…

It’s time to take an adventure, one that transports you to exotic and sophisticated places, without ever leaving the Littleton area. You can take these adventures thanks to the art of dance, courtesy of instruction by Adventures in Dance Club.

Travel to South America and tango to your heart’s desire, spice it up with a little salsa, take a trip to Texas with country western and night club dancing. Or return to an earlier time with ballroom dancers. You have the tools right there at the end of your legs. Now you just have to train your toes to do the right steps, and there is no better place than Adventures In Dance in Littleton.

About Adventures in Dance Club

Conveniently Located in Littleton, Colorado Adventures in Dance is a Partnership Ballroom, Latin, Swing and Salsa dance club. We are a faith-based organization committed to meeting your needs, wants and desires. Our space is designed to enhance your learning experience with a floating hardwood dance floor, mirrors to reflect your progress, and quality sound system.

Adventures In Dance teaches everyone from beginning dancers with two left feet to experienced dancers. We offer group and individual instruction to individuals, couples, and special events. Members benefit from our regular social dances and nights out on the town!

We’re happy to work with you or your group to prepare you for any social occasion. Whatever your desire, our professional staff is ready to take you on an adventure, a dance adventure at …  Adventures in Dance!

What We Do…

My calling is to use my skill in breaking down ballroom and partnership dance in a fun way that connects with how you learn. I utilize my knowledge of communicating movement so dancing can be fun and easy for you.

My clients are adventuresome people who are willing to learn how to move in time to music with a partner and appreciate learning by being open to stepping out of the box to uncover their spitit dancer.

How We Do It…

I do this by taking the time to look at where your natural ability lies and lazar target your learning to fit the needs, wants, and desires wherever you want to go. My staff and I teach everyone from beginners to practiced steppers.

Who we are…

We are Craig Tomazin & Holly Collins-Tomazin, a husband-and-wife team of competitive ballroom dancers. We have a passion to take our more than 30 years of experience in teaching and share it in user friendly pieces for new and practiced dancers.

Our Story…

I have been teaching ballroom dance for more than 30 years. Craig waltzed in for his first dance lesson in 2000 after having ACL reconstructive surgery from a skiing accident. Ballroom was one of the approved forms of exercise. A fabulous friendship was formed. When Holly’s divorce was finalized in 2004, her daughter Robyn suggested to Craig that he was good father material and that he should propose to Holly. So, in 2006 Craig proposed and we were married in March 2008 And we have been happily teaching and dancing together ever since.

 Meet Holly & Craig

What We Believe…

Assessment of your natural ability – We look at how you relate to movement and tailor your learning around whom you are and what you would like to accomplish. If you are a duck, we cannot make you a cheetah, however we can help you be the best duck you can be.

Encouragement to try new things- We help you feel good as you face the challenge of learning new movements with a partner. When you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, you are ready to try it all over again.

User friendly instruction– We feel it is important to learn about our students from your hobbies to your career so we can use terms and phrases that will help you to relate to dancing. Then we put moves together that fit your skills and come up with system for retention that fits your needs, wants, and desires.

Goals to move you forward – By picking a goal like preparing for your first dance, working on a solo for an upcoming showcase, or getting ready for the next dance competition, we can focus your learning and help you get the greatest return on investment.

Why we do what we do…

Bottom line, we love to dance, and we love seeing people succeed at ballroom and partnership dancing. No excuses, just dancing with happy feet.

Why a private dance club…

Spirit Dancer was born during the shutdown. Holly realized how dance is a healing art and wanted to expand on how to help others be the best version of themselves through the art of dance. Spirit Dancer Faith Based Organization 508-c1a came into being in 2022. It put Adventures in Dance Club under its wing as a project. Providing services to members only allows us to stretch our wings into a greater variety of non-profit opportunities. Projects like the historically accurate princess dances that provide history and dance to several kid’s clubs, and healing dances. By entering our facility or purchase our services you recieve a free temporaary memebershp for the period of your learning. Read more about our membership here. Link to Spirit Dancer FBO Project Adventures in Dance Club Membership Rule

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