Steam Powered Ballroom

Steam Powered Ballroom   Don’t you think Steampunk is a creative click? For the 1101 Experience the dancers at Adventures in Dance put together a steam powered ballroom show. Taking the creativity of ballroom dance and merging it with the steampunk came out great.   Tea dueling   Lady Vo, captain of the airship opal[…]

Guffey’s Steampunk Parasol Duel & Dance

Guffey’s Steampunk Parasol Duel & Dance The little town of Guffey is in center of the mountains of Colorado. Buried in this historic mountain town is a group of committed steampunk enthusiasts. Guffey’s steampunk parasol duel & dance were a hit at their festival, July 27th this year. Guffey Steampunk Society The Guffey steampunk society[…]

University Club Carousel Dance

University Club Carousel Dance One of the advantages of being a ballroom dance teacher is going out dancing with your students. This weekend we were privileged to attend the University Club Carousel Dance. Judy & Tom Mc Williams were the hosts for this exciting dance. Arriving at the University Club The evening began with a[…]