Queen Esther Persian Dance How To

Buried in the bible is the story of a bold Jewish princess, Esther. Her destiny was to save her people, but I wonder what dance would Queen Esther have done for her wedding? Perhaps a dance like the Persian Lezgi dance. This traditional Persian dance is a great adventure back in time. Queen Esther Hard[…]

Prince of Egypt Hora Dance How To

Don’t you love a good story? The Prince of Egypt was a great story. It is an animated version of the film classic the 10 commandments. Zipporah was the princess of the Midian tribe, and wife the prince of Egypt, Moses. It is likely they would have danced the Hora as they traveled to the[…]

Tiana’s French Tango Dance How To

What dance do you think Princess Tiana did at her wedding? I would think the Tango. Princess and the Frog featured a Tango to begin the ball to honor Prince Naveen. I could imagine Prince Naveen dancing Tiana’s French Tango at their wedding. Why Tango? Why a Tango? Tango was rising in popularity in the[…]

Betty Boop 20’s Charleston Line Dance How To

Jazz age flapper Betty Boop was “The Queen of the Animated Screen.” In her dancing school she taught toons how to Charleston. So, I put together a Betty Boop 20’s Charleston Line dance. Get ready to cut a rug with this Charleston line dance how to. Why Betty Boop? So why would I feature Betty[…]