Tiana’s French Tango Dance How To

What dance do you think Princess Tiana did at her wedding? I would think the Tango. Princess and the Frog featured a Tango to begin the ball to honor Prince Naveen. I could imagine Prince Naveen dancing Tiana’s French Tango at their wedding. Why Tango? Why a Tango? Tango was rising in popularity in the[…]

Betty Boop 20’s Charleston Line Dance How To

Jazz age flapper Betty Boop was “The Queen of the Animated Screen.” In her dancing school she taught toons how to Charleston. So, I put together a Betty Boop 20’s Charleston Line dance. Get ready to cut a rug with this Charleston line dance how to. Why Betty Boop? So why would I feature Betty[…]

Mad Hatter’s Mazurka Dance How To

Who doesn’t like Alice in wonderland? Don’t you wonder what dance the Mad Hatter would do at the Queen of Hearts Court? I would think they would dance the Mad Hatter’s Glide Mazurka. This popular polish dance began at the end of queen Elizabeth’s reign and rose in popularity until the end of the Victorian[…]