Steampunk Page

Steampunk Page What is steampunk? The dictionary defines steampunk as science fiction set with steam powered technology in historical settings. Think about vintage Victorian garb adorned with gears. I have had the pleasure of creating tutorials for steampunk gatherings. Find fun activities like parasol dueling, splendid teapot racing, and steampunk dances. Fun facts and activities[…]

Craig Holly pumpkin ballroom dance dip

Finish of Foxtrot?

Finish of Foxtrot? I was researching dance history recently. In my digging I came across 8 dance crazes that went out of style. One of the dances the British Pathe determined was not stylish was the Foxtrot. Is this the finish of Foxtrot? I don’t think so. Dixieland Foxtrot The Foxtrot (link) of today has[…]