3 Health Benefits of Ballroom Dance

Recently a student of mine asked me what the health benefits of ballroom dance were. I gave her the short answer of moving to music while practicing partnership with another person. But I was not satisfied with my answer. I thought I would look a little deeper. 3 Health Benefits of Ballroom Dance Body Brain[…]

William Hooker Anime Caricature Artist

William Hooker has had an ongoing love of Anime art. From early in his live he fell in love with drawing. His love of anime then blossomed into heading up the Anime Club in High School. William’s Anime Inspiration Since then William has taken on commissions to illustrate personalized character creations for various individuals. That[…]

Steampunk Page

Steampunk Page What is steampunk? The dictionary defines steampunk as science fiction set with steam powered technology in historical settings. Think about vintage Victorian garb adorned with gears. I have had the pleasure of creating tutorials for steampunk gatherings. Find fun activities like parasol dueling, splendid teapot racing, and steampunk dances. Fun facts and activities[…]